Hyper-V Integration Services for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS servers


We have a Hyper-V Cluster with several VMs, which also includes Servers in Linux (Ubuntu mainly). Versions LTS are desired over the regular 6 months releases, and had (until today) no problem with them because of the integration services, offered by Microsoft
(IP Injection among others).

To deploy new VMs we use Templates. Unfortunately, when creating a new template for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS the VMM will not finish the creation of the new VM, because of the recent changes of Ubuntu 18 and its change from /etc/interfaces to

I am not sure if there is (like the other versions of Ubuntu) an update from Microsoft to integrate these VMs to a Hyper-V environment, or (if any) i would appreciate the help with any workaround to this issue.

I appreciate your help and guidance.

Best regards,

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