Hyper-V Initial replication not starting

Dear Tech Net team, 

I have 2 node cluster Hyper-V where i have 14 VM’s are running. recently i have configured Hyper-V replication on the cluster and replicated VM’s to replica server and most of servers are replicated successfully. 

However, am facing issue with two servers while doing initial replica, the replication is enabled on the VM and replcated copy of VM created on replica server, but replication folder [initial replica via external media ] not creating any VHD files and not creating
any copy of VM in order to import on Replica VM. 

All other VM i did same scenario via External media, and it was successfully but only two servers having this issue. 
Hyper-Replication VM health report shows the error : General access denied error (0x80070005). (Virtual machine ID 5

If anyone face the same issue, or knows the fix for this kindly advise. 

Thank you in advance
The VM HDD Size is 640  GB, 


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