Hyper-V Host has internet access by VM’s do not

Hi All,

I’ve been scratching my head over this and looking for a bit of guidance. My setup is as follows :

Router -

Wireless Network Bridge -

HyperV Physical Host (Win 2012 R2) - (Not on a domain)

Virtual Machine on Host (Server 2008R2) - (Role is domain controller along with other third party software)

Standalone PC (Win 8.1) -

The physical host and standalone PC are wired into the wireless bridge and this works fine. The IP configuration is statically assigned and both can reach the default gateway without issue and have internet access. I have created a virtual switch and allowed
for this to be shared by the management OS on the physical host. The VM is configured to use said switch, however, it seems that the VM is unable to reach the default gateway, thus resulting in no internet access. All machines are able to ping one another
however and I can remote into the virtual machine from the standalone without problems. I spun up a new VM which was bare-bones and tried again, but the same issue. I can not reach the default gateway, and pings to are unsuccessful from the VMs.
Pings to the bridge are fine. I have checked the bridge settings and there is no filtering or blacklisting/restrictions of IP addresses. There is also no special configuration that is specifically for the hyper-v host on the bridge, so i’m a bit stumped as
to why I have this problem with the VMs. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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