Hyper-V Host and GPO

Dear All,

I have a Windows 10 Pro machine and running Hyper-V on it. I have 3 virtual Server 2016 running and one virtual Windows10, which are running in a local domain.

Everything works fine so long but the virtual Windows10 machine is a little bit troubled.

First of all, it can happen, that when I try to login to the domain on the virtual Windows10 machine, I get an error that I need remote access permission to do so. It try several times, get disconnected from the VM and re-connect and after 2-3 Minutes, I
suddenly am able to login. Additionally I have the issue, that the GPOs I have set are not pulled through the virtual windows 10 machine.

I have two test users, I use to login to the virtual windows10 machine. Those two users belong to a security group, which I added to an individual OU in AD. I have linked the GPO to that OU and also tried to force the GPO but I have no luck, logging in with
those two test accounts onto the virtual windows10 machine, I have the default background.

When I look at the GP result, I do not see the GPOs that I have set. For a test, I set a desktop background picture but as soon as I login, there is nothing happening and the GPO also shows nothing.

I am able to ping the virtual DC from my virtual windows 10 machine, I can connect to shared drives.

Do I need to open a specific port for the GPO, or do you have any idea, what I am doing wrong?

What kind of more specific details do you need to understand my situation?

Thank you very much for helping,


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