Hyper-V File Server setup recomendation

Hi All,

We have a 2 node Hyper-V cluster running windows server 2012 R2. A third Hyper-V server is located at our DR site that is not part of the cluster however it is using Hyper-V replication for VM between our primary site. The backend connects to a SAN via iSCSI
and we are using CSVs as storage for the VMs.

We have built a VM running windows server 2016 that hosts our company documents and user profiles. The company documents and users profiles reside on seperate .VHDX files. These sit on seperate LUNS presented to the hosts and configured as CSVs. The server
is configured for Hyper-V HA, and we are using DFSR to replicate company documents and user profile data. The data is being replicated to a VM at our DR site running another VM with the same specs.

Since we have a 2 node setup setup in our production site, is there a way i can build a second server so i can redirect the users to point the the second server seamlessly (no downtime) so i can patch one of the systems?

Is there a way to do this so i don’t have to have duplicate data on each of the VM’s?

Thanks in advance.

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