Hyper-V Failover Cluster Issue – Copy of VM being left on source server after Drain

Summary - When draining a Server 2016 Hyper-V Cluster node, randomly certain VMs will be left on the source node, even though they get properly moved to the destination node and this is reflected in the Failover Manager.

Long version:

Greetings!  We have run into a rather unique (it appears) situation with our Hyper-V 2016 Failover Cluster. 
Whenever we do maintenance, we follow the standard process of Draining the node, which moves all of the Storage and VM resources over to the other functional nodes. 
While the Drain process appears to complete as far as the Cluster is concerned (no errors or warning generated), we noticed that randomly certain VMs were being left on the drained node, but they also existed at the destination node where the cluster
now says they should be located.   It only affects VMs that are in an Offline state.  
This issue is particularly bad on our Replica/Testing Cluster, where MOST of the VMs are not running (because they are replicas), but it has also occurred on our Primary cluster as well with the few VMs that are not running on there. 
The biggest issue this situation causes is that because the VMs exist on both nodes at the same time, they can both attempt to do their replication process and usually end up screwing it up, requiring a Resynch of the entire VM to the replica.

The issue occurs with VMs both with and without replication enabled. When our clusters nodes were still running Server 2012 R2, this issue never occurred. 
We migrated to 2016 late last year and this issue started occurring periodically during maintenance windows.

At this point, I am just curious if anyone else has ever ran across this or has any thoughts.  
Other than this issue, the nodes and VMs run fine.

Thanks for your time!

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