Hyper-V core SR-IOV NIC configuration

I am working with a Dell Poweredge R320 server with the latest BIOS. It has virtualization and SR-IOV enabled. I am using an Intel I350-t4 4 port SR-IOV capable NIC. Hyper-V seems pretty happy with it. all Powershell commands show that all is well.

My understanding of SR-IOV isn’t the greatest, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like it will provide direct access to a NIC to a selected VM. The end goal is that I am wanting to assign a port specifically to a windows 10 Professional VM.

In the Virtual Switch Manager, I do the following…

  • Create a new virtual switch.
  • Select a port on my SR-IOV NIC.
  • Check External network.
  • Check Enable SR-IOV.


  1. Should I select Allow Management Operating System to share this network adapter?
  2. If I do, should I also enable the virtual LAN identifier?
  3. If I enable using a virtual LAN identifier, should I also enable it on the NIC that is used on the VM?


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