Hyper-V core 2019 and AMD Epyc… Working?

I am planning to test install the latest Hyper-V core on a DELL R6415

( 17763.557.190612-0019.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVERHYPERCORE_OEM_x64FRE_en-us ) 

I do notice that there is a known issue mentioned with recent DELL EPYC servers, to wit :


install Windows Server 2016 RTM using the operating system (OS) installation media:

  1. Press F2 during the POST to access System Settings and disable Virtualization Technology in the Processor settings.
  2. Install Windows Server 2016 with the OS installation media.
  3. Apply the latest Update Rollup via Windows Update. Windows Server 2016 RTM requires a hotfix (available on June 2017 Update Rollup and later) for a known AMD IOMMU issue. Deployments after Windows Server version 1709 no longer need this hotfix.
  4. Go to System Settings (F2 during the POST) and enable Virtualization Technology in the Processor settings.


Is it safe to assume that this is already fixed in 17763.557.190612-0019.rs5_release ??

Has anybody here successfully  installed Hyper-V2019 on an EPYC server?


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