Hyper-v Converged network


Im setting up a new 2016 failover cluster. I just want to clarify that im understanding the concept and design of this converged network. On my physical server i only have two 10Gb Nics which i need to team. The switchports in which the NICs are connected
as an etherchannel LACP and the etherchannel is an Access port.

So traditionally, i’d fire the LbfoAdmin console and configure NIC teaming on the management OS. In a Hyper-v Converged network, im not going to do this. Instead, Im going to team the NICs on the vSwitch itself. So id run a powershell that looks something
like this: New-VMSwitch -Name vSwitch -AllowManagementOS $True -NetAdapterName NIC1,NIC2 -EnableEmbeddedTeaming $True.
I will then configure vNICs and assign to appropriate vlan. When the packets from a VM with a vNiC configured for vlan 20 will leave the physical NIC and onto the switch, it will be tagged with vlan 20, likewise for ingress and Hyper-v will understand
where to deliver the packet. 

Is the above correct? I have two questions:

  1. In order for this work, i need to configure the switchport as a trunk port. However, would i need to remove the etherchannel LACP considering that EmbeddedTeaming is must likely not going to perform an LACP negotiation, or will it?
  2. Part of the traffic is obviously storage, ISCSI. I would like to configure MPIO between two NICs, or is it unnecessary because the EmbeddedTeaming takes care of aggregating and failing over? If not, then can i still configure MPIO?

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