Hyper-v 2k16 cannot reboot – stays at shutting down hyper-v services

Hi, we have a brand new dedicated hyper-v server with 2k16 and created a brand new VM which is a Win2k16 server also. Very basic. When we reboot the physical hyper-v server, it stays at shutting down hyper-v services endlessly.

We found out that if we RDP in the VM and shutdown the VM, after that the hyper-v server reboots correctly so it looks like hyper-v is not capable of shutting down the VM. BTW the vm, in the shutdown config it is configured to shut down. In the event viewer
of the hyper-v server, I don’t see any error messages pointing me to a problem so I don’t know how to resolve this.

I understand that I could just shutdown the vm then reboot the hyper-v server but the IT guy on site asked me to resolve it. 

Any ideas where I could look to resolve this?


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