Hyper-v 2019 kernal power shutdown after trying to initialize NTFS Volume in Storage tier

since Storage Tier with ReFS doesn’t support pinning files to a specific tier, we decided to roll back to NTFS.

I moved all the VMs to another pool and deleted the ReFS tiered virtual disk/storage pool and created it again. The moment I try to initialize the volume to use NTFS, an Bug Check Reboot will occur. I tried to remove it and create it again but didn’t work.

The tiers in this pool: SSD & HDD. The other non-tiered-pool consist of only NVMe SSD with ReFs filesystem.

used commands to create the volume: (it’s happing at Initialize-Disk or Initialize-Volume)

Get-VirtualDisk $tier_sp_vd_name | Get-Disk | Set-Disk -IsReadOnly 0 
Get-VirtualDisk $tier_sp_vd_name | Get-Disk | Set-Disk -IsOffline 0
Get-VirtualDisk $tier_sp_vd_name | Get-Disk | Initialize-Disk -PartitionStyle GPT
Get-VirtualDisk $tier_sp_vd_name | Get-Disk | New-Partition -DriveLetter ā€œEā€ -UseMaximumSize
Initialize-Volume -DriveLetter ā€œE" -FileSystem NTFS -Confirm:$false
Set-Volume -DriveLetter E -NewFileSystemLabel $tier_sp_vd_name

I tried to read the memory dump file but couldn’t figure out how to use the information inside of it. Here are some informations inside of it regarding the link

MajorVersion        0000000f
MinorVersion        00004563
KdSecondaryVersion  00000000
DirectoryTableBase  00000000`001ad000
PfnDataBase         ffff9400`00000000
PsLoadedModuleList  fffff803`13ab69b0
PsActiveProcessHead fffff803`13aaa5f0
MachineImageType    00008664
NumberProcessors    00000020
BugCheckCode        0000012e
BugCheckParameter1  ffff8104`2c5ff8f0
BugCheckParameter2  ffff8104`196c6220
BugCheckParameter3  00000000`00040000
BugCheckParameter4  00000000`00000200
KdDebuggerDataBlock fffff803`13a9a5e0

I appreciate your help with issue, since the new Storage pool with 30TB is hanging out because of it.

P.S: after the reboot/crash the tiered virtual disk goes offline and ReadOnly.

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