Hyper-V 2019 Checkpoint Operations fails after a day

We backup our  Hyper-V 2019/16 servers containing couple of virtual machines, with Unitrend backup system, which requires checkpoints to be able to back the VM’s.  When we tested to create checkpoint, it would give the error "An error occured
while attempting to checkpoint the selected virtual machines. The operation cannot be performend while the object is in use". When we check the logs we get the following Event ID: 19100, 18012, 18014.
Normally when we reboot the Hyper-V servers , we are able to create checkpoints for a day or so after which the same issue recurs.

We have used ICACLS to grant the "NT Virtual Machine" user of each VM full access, and ensured that the VHD files and checkpoints are in the same folder. We also ovserved that the .avhdx files which are created would remain and are not able to automatically
get merged to the parent .vhdx file.

This is happening al all our Hyper-V 2019 servers which are part of a domain.

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