HYPER-V (2016/2019) Remove DDA device from VM

Hello HYPER-V experts,

I have the following problem in a HYPER-V environment.

On a HYPER-V Server 2016 I have several VMs, where a graphics card (NVIDIA Server Quadro) is assigned by DDA.

These are replicated by HYPER-V replicas. However, there is no NVIDIA on the target system. Therefore, I understandably cannot start the VM with the DDA-bound GPU (Event-ID 33900 - The PCI Express device with the Plug & Play device instance path "PCIP-VEN_10DE&DEV_1BB0&SUBSYS_11B210DE&REV_A1"4&2AF63274&0&001B"
was not found.)

Hint: after event-id 33900 follows event-id 12010 and 12030.

Now I know the commands on how to remove a DDA device from a VM, but if the device is not physically there, I have no chance to remove the DDA from the VM.

How can I remove the DDA device from the VM so that the VM starts and runs without DDA?

Danke und liebe Grüße Oliver Richter

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