Hyper-V 2012, cannot get DHCP addresses on VM guests using external switch 2

I can’t seem to get dhcp addresses on the guests using a 2nd external switch I made.  Each external VM switch is on a different router with DHCP.  Both switches get an IP addresses from routers, and I can ping both from core console.  Both
switches are configured the same (external/share with host/no vlan). Guests work fine if I put them on switch 1. However when I use 2 the guests will not get an IP.  The working switch is a Broadcom NetExtreme 57 connecting to a Uverse gateway/modem.
The non-working switch is an Intel pro/1000 MT Desktop connectling to a low-end Belkin router.  

Here is what I tried…

assigned a static IP…still no connection or packet flow

tested DHCP on router on other devices…works, range is thru 2.98

tried unchecking share with host option in hyper-v manager…no difference

tried using vlans option in manager…no difference

tried uninstalling and reinstalling the guest network adapter…nothing (remember it will work on switch 1 anyway)

This setup works in Server 2012 with Hyper-V installed.  However now I am using Hyper-V core 2012.  

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