How to create Virtual Switch with NIC teaming with multiple VLAN


 Please help me to resolve my problem.

I have 

1 Server 2016 (Physical Machine)

NIC teaming with LACP Dynamic (NIC3 + NIC 4) — Both NIC are connected on different Switch(Arista switches) port (SW1-E24 and Sw2 -E24)

Switch 1, 2 Configuration

Interface Port-Channel15

Switchport trunk allowed vlan 40,70

Switchport mode trunk

Mlag 15



Interface Ethernet 24

Switchport trunk allowed vlan 40,70

Switchport mode trunk

Channel-group 15 mode active



Question 1:  when i create NIC team with LACP, i need to define the VLAN ID 40 on  NIC team otherwise the server is inaccessible from NIC team. how to resolve this ?

I also add the interface on NIC team with VLAN 70.

Question 2: When create virtual switch(Switch-VLAN40) from Hyper-V virtual switch manager, with Connection type External Network, Allow Management Operating system to share this network adapter and specific the NIC team VLAN 40 network.

The server become inaccessible. same happen with VLAN 70. how can i resolve it.

I need to create virtual switch with VLAN 40 and another Virtual Switch with VLAN 70. 


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