Failover Hyper-V without Shared Storage

Hi Guys

            I have two brand new servers with 6 drives. 2 in Mirror, 3 Raid 5 with 1 hot spare. Both servers are identical and running Windows 2019 Datacenter. Both servers are running Hyper-V.
I do not have any NAS/SAN devices being shared between these servers. I will call these servers server1 and server2 (for this example)

Is there a way to make it so that if a virtual machine on server1 dies and shuts off the replicated virtual machine on server2 will boot up automatically? The whole purpose of these servers is for virtual machine failover, I would like to do it per VM versus
entire physical server. I can also format the Hyper-V partition since these servers are new and not running anything just yet.

Is Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) the answer I’m looking for? If so, how? Looks like Clustering needs as a requirement shared disks (SAN/NAS).

What do you guys think?

Thank You



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