Extremely high IO usage on replication


we have a Dell R730XD server that until last weekend run with Windows Server 2012. That server has dual Xeon CPUs and 256 GB RAM, RAID 10 of SAS disks and another one of SSD disks.

This server has 35 VMs and it did not show any performance issues. 11 of those VMs have replication enabled, and that also worked fine.

Now we have this server running Windows Server 2016, it has all updates and drivers installed, and without any other change the same VMs on the same hardware cant have replication enabled because the IO usage is extremely high. The IO its higher before the
replication actually begins, when its creating a Reference Point.

The IO usage gets so high that event the SSD RAID 10 gets killed by it. This behaivior cant the normal, those same machines had replication without any issues with Windows 2012. I searched on the forum and uninstalled Windows Defender, some said that it
can cause this kind of issued, but there was no luck.

Does anyone experience this issue? Any ideas are welcome!

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