Expanded VHDX Hard Drive Not Expanding

I am using Hyper-V on a 2016 Server and trying to expand one of the VMs. I shut it down and then went to settings, Hard Drive, Edit, Expand. This seemed to have worked fine and I turned back on the VM. However, the C drive was not any larger.

After some research I noticed I needed to expand the partition in Disk Manager to an unallocated part that was created in step one, but there is no unallocated part. There is plenty of room on the partition with the VHDX VMs. And actually recently I added
a new VM and gave it a few GBs and that all worked within Hyper-V.

Right now when I inspect the expanded VM the Maximum Disk Size is corrected to the expanded size.

Not sure what else to do.

Thanks for any help.

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