Enhanced Mode is completely BLACK: Windows 10 enterprise on Windows 10 pro

Background:  I host a windows 10 Enterprise for Development on my Windows 10 pro computer.  Both are updated to latest patches using windows update. Configuration version 9.0.  I have 32GB on my physical computer, about half
reserved for the virtual computer.

The purpose is so that my development environment for my client is separate from my personal computer.

Problem:  After a windows update a few months ago the Enhanced Session that can be chosen on the View from the Hyper-V Manager’s Virtual Machine Connection started not functioning. I can view my computer, but not in enhanced mode.

Attempts to correct: I have waited a few additional windows updates, but nothing yet.  Tried to uninstall and reinstall the GUI Management Tools.  I’ve made sure to keep the configuration version to the latest.

Workarounds: The reason I want the enhanced mode is so that printing, copy/paste, and other things to work while connected, so I can use a remote desktop. However, this can be problematic as I’m also using a vpn from the
vm, so opening the computer up so I can remote desktop from outside the network can at times be a pain. Also, when I use a remote desktop, and something happens that I cannot re-connect, the machine gets into a state where the Hyper V Virtual Machine Connection
won’t be able to see the computer.  So, a shut-down, restart is required to again gain access.

Summary:  I’m looking for suggestions on what I could try to easily resolve.  My guess is that if I rebuilt the computer the problem would go away, but that is a large task for something I can work around.

Would someone please turn on the LIGHT?

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