Encrypted replication configuration


I am attempting to configure encrypted replication in a fairly large (10 hosts per site) HyperV environment.  I’m using the following article as a guide:


From what I am understanding I will require a certificate on each host.  I will also need to add the broker’s certificate to the trusted certificate store on each of the hosts that the broker will reside on. Due to the requirement of a certificate on
each host it makes a lot more sense to use auto-enrollment to ensure we don’t have to manually renew 20+ certificates on the regular basis.

I’m having a couple of challenges, for one our hosts are running W2K16 HyperV Core, so I cannot use the certificates MMC as described in the article.  Running the MMC remotely does not appear to give me the same options as described in the article. 
Can this (or should this) be done in PowerShell instead?  What would the syntax of the certificate request be?

Are there any other (hopefully better) articles that can help me do this other than the one I found above?


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