Device has a bad block and VM randomly loosing access to disk


We have a Hyper-V cluster with 3 nodes running Windows 2012 R2. The cluster uses shared disks hosted on 2 quantastor devices that run RAID-10.

We are currently getting lots of errors visible in the event viewer of one of the cluster nodes:

Event ID: 7

The device, DeviceHarddisk4DR4, has a bad block.

Additionally one of the VMs is randomly being unable to access one of its drives (in one case we even had a windows BSD the VM).

We had a failed disk in the array which has been replaced and now all disks are reported as having no errors, but the cluster node event error is still occurring.

To me this now "seems" makes sense, that is, the failed disk had nothing to do with the event viewer errors because a single disk failure in RAID-10 should not return such error.

The problem is that we just don’t understand what is causing this error. Any ideas on where to start looking for clues?

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