Critical Bug: Hyper-V 2019 – Guest VMs do not shutdown gracefully when host shuts down


Since December 2018, Hyper-v on Windows Server 2019 users have been reporting this issue.  I am posting a new thread because the

original thread
on the topic had a potentially misleading headline.  And most of the ensuing thread consisted of repeated requests for more information when in fact that information had already been provided.  And yet, even after an MS representative
confirmed through his own testing that the (serious) problem exists, no further information has been provided for over five months.

The problem, in a nut-shell is this:  Guest VMs do not shut down gracefully when the Hyper-v host is shut down or restarted, regardless of guest VM settings.

Even when a guest VM is set to "shut down the guest operating system" as its default behavior for the "Automatic Stop Action",  the Hyper-v host does
not actually shut down the guest VM(s) as it shuts itself down.  Rather, the VMs are just terminated as though power is cut.  Upon rebooting, the guest VMs will report no attempt to be shut down, and instead report that the prior shutdown
was unplanned.

This behavior is easily reproduced.  Merely. . .

  • Build a Hyper-v 2019 host server
  • Install a guest VM.
  • Set the guest VM to "shut down the guest operating system" under "Automatic Stop Action."
  • Reboot the Hyper-v host while the guest VM is running.

. . .you will find that the guest VM was merely switched off ungracefully.

Microsoft, please acknowledge this issue and give us an ETR.  I’m sure I’m not the only person putting their server upgrades on hold after running into this issue.  Various work-arounds (using "save state" instead of "shut down")
are not a viable option for me.  Please, give us some news and hope (after an inexplicably long period of waiting) that a fix is imminent.

Best Regards,


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