Converting 2008 R2 to a VM using disk2vhd

Hi all,

I’m having a strange issue converting a 2008 R2 server installed on IBM BladeCenter HS22 using disk2vhd and launching a VM

on ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server 2016 Hyper-V production host that has currently 6 VMs running on it without any issues. 

With GEN 1 the VM stops with a blank screen and a blinking cursor right after pressing the start button.

With GEN 2 I get the following error: 

Virtual Machine Boot Summary

1. SCSI Disk  (0,0)                             NO x64-based UEFI boot loader was found.

2. Network Adapter (00155DFE171C)   The network media is disconnected

I’m not connecting this VM to the network because I currently have a physical production server on the same network and just

testing to see if I could convert it to a VM.

Thank you!

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