Connecting Hyper-V servers from Win 2016 console to Win servers Hyper V Cluster 2008

Hello Everyone:

Actually i have a Hyper-v cluster on Windows Server 2012 and i have a server that i use for connecting to this using Hyper-v tools .  Connection in this schema is fine.  Few month we created a new cluster on Windows Server 2016 and in this case
i have other server with win server 2016 that we are using for connecting us to this.  Final idea, would be, this new server allows me connecting to Windows Server 2012 hosts (from first cluster) and Windows Server 2016 (Corresponding new cluster).

Using Failover and trying to connecting me from Win server 2016 to Host on Windows server 2012 (Node or nodes from first cluster).  I obtain the following error:

Actually when i am trying to connect me from Win 2016 (Hyper V Console Server) to Win server 2008 hosts via hyper v Manager and i am not using an administrator user i get the following error

But, if i use a server administrator and i am trying using same console i can to access both servers: Win 2016 and win 2008

So my questions are: 

1) Win 2016 Hyper V Manager Console is not compatible for connecting me old versions hosts?

2) If connection could be possible Would i need a special priviledges?. Because when i trying to do the same connection with an Administrator the error doesn’t appear

Please help me with this

Kind regards

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