Cluster Network Communication

We have a 3 node Hyper-V cluster running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter connecting to CSV storage on our SAN via Fibre Channel.  

I have a team of 2, 10Gb NICs for the Trunked ports that the VMs use along with a 1 Gb NIC team for the OS and another 10GB Team for Live Migration. 

I also have a two other networks, intended for Cluster Management.  One is on a 100 Mb switch and the other on a 1 Gb switch in an effort to ensure the most paths available to ensure that heartbeat communication continues between the cluster nodes in
the event something happens.  The 100 Mb NIC is on a different subnet than the 1 Gb NIC as well.  Below I have listed networks in the failover cluster manager.  I have set things up based on the following guidance: Designating
a Preferred Network for Cluster Shared Volumes Communication
  Should I put the 2 Clust_Mgmt networks on the same subnet and create another team for them? What is the optimal configuration I should set my networks up as, with a goal of ensuring the
most robust heartbeat communication between nodes of the cluster?  

Name                       Metric    AutoMetric           Role
—-                          ——     ———-             —-
Clust_Mgmt              1000      False                  Cluster
Clust_Mgmt_100MB  3000      False                  Cluster
Live_Migration          2000      False                  Cluster
Team_OS                 70385     True                  ClusterAndClient

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