Changing the update coordinator for CAU & Access Denied error

I’m working on setting up CAU for a three node cluster of Hyper V nodes. I’ve set it up in self updating mode and "RequireAllNodesOnline" setting enabled in the Run Profile. I’m running CAU v10.0.10011.16384. I’m running into an issue where it
is failing with the error: "Failed to restart "servername": (ClusterUpdateException) Failed to restart "servername": (Win32Exception) Access is denied ==> (Win32Exception) Access is denied".

I understand this is a permission issue but I’ve already:

- made sure to enable the firewall on all the servers in the cluster to allow via an inbound rule the "Remote Shutdown" group of protocols

- I’ve verified that the CAU temp account it creates is being added to the "Administrators" group on each cluster node. 

I want to make sure I don’t offer too lax security in setting this up so any ideas on what I’m missing. 

I’ve had an idea of adding all the cluster nodes to each other’s "Administrator" group and "Remote Management Users" group but that would open up any user on those servers to this access so that is why that has stayed an idea. 

Also, I’ve noticed that the Update Coordinator is a another node in the cluster instead of a 3rd party server coordinating the CAU. I’ve read from the Windows docs here that the Update Coordinator should not be a part of the cluster. I may have set
this up on a node to begin with but how do I change the Update Coordinator now?

Anyways any help would be appreciated. 

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