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Come and Participate in VMworld Design Studio!

Dear vRealize Operations Customers,


Would you like to help define the next generation of vRealize Operations? We invite you to participateintheVMware Design StudioatVMworld 2017 US.


What Kind of Study Is This?

In the VMware Design Studio, we will show a few key product directions and design prototypes. This is a unique opportunity to get your voice heard and interact in a small group or 1:1 session with the product teams.


This year there will be three topics for vROps: 1) vRealize Operations – New and Improved Capacity Management; 2) vRealize Operations – Exploring New Ways for Application Management; 3) vRealize Lifecycle Management. Customers can sign up for one or more sessions based on their time availability or interests.


What&#rsquo;s in it for YOU?

Upon completion of the session, we will offer you very cool &#rsquo;VMware Design Partner&#rdquo; swag!


Where and when is Design Studio?

The sessions will be held in in Mandalay Bay Convention Center – 3rd Floor – room Palm H from Monday 8/28 thru Thursday 8/31


To schedule a session, contact Ashley . Or go to this link to


Plus if you want to learn about other VMware products, please check out other cool sessions here:


Please act quickly as we will be able to work with just a small set of customers – thank you for your time and your interest in improving VMware products!


Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you!


Ashley Pan ()

User Experience Researcher @VMware

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Recent Updates to the VMware Operations Management Portfolio

VMware announced upcoming releases for its portfolio of operations management products – vRealize Operations 6.6, vRealize Log Insight 4.5, vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 and vRealize Network Insight 3.4.

vRealize Operations 6.6

This release delivers several game-changing innovations, redesigned user experience, and greater/deeper integration across software-defined data center technologies and multiple public clouds. VMware vRealize Operations 6.6 delivers core capabilities around:

  • Application-aware SDDC and multi-cloud monitoringto help customers accelerate adoption of SDDC and integrate public clouds.
  • Automated and proactive performance managementhelps customers simplify operations, avoid disruption and free up time for more strategic tasks.
  • Cloud Planning, capacity optimization and compliancethrough atight integration with vRealize Business for Cloud, which appears as &#rsquo;Business Management&#rdquo; tab within the vRealize Operations UI.

For more information on vRealize Operations 6.6, please visit the Cloud Management Blog.

vRealize Log Insight 4.5

VMware vRealize Log lnsight delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics, and broad third-party extensibility. With this new release, you’ll experience:

  • Full Integration in-context withinvRealize Operationsprovides directlaunch into Log Insight Dashboard and Log Insight Interactive Analytics mode, and object and vRealize Operations Alerts auto-initiated log management
  • New Server Capabilitiesincluding vUpdated Log Insight RESTful APIs and vComprehensive SSO support
  • Improved agent capabilities through vAgent multi-destination

Other new features and capabilities of vRealize Log Insight 4.5 can be found here.

vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3

The new release of vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 continues to improve the ease-of-access and ease-of-use for private cloud cost management and delivers more visibilityinto public cloud spending. This new release allows you to:

  • Easier cost management with improvements to navigation, decision making tools, insight tools, and IT service pricing
  • More visibility to optimize cloud management with enhancements to usage and cost visibility

Details about the vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 announcement can be found on the Cloud Management blog.

vRealize Network Insight 3.4

vRealize Network Insight 3.4 allows you to plan micro-segmentation, troubleshoot across virtual and physical infrastructure and manage and scale NSX deployments. Other capabilities of this new release include:

  • Manage public cloud security with visibility into your AWS infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot across the virtual and physical infrastructureby providing layer 2 network visibility in the VM to VM path and enhanced traffic and security analytics
  • Customize for maximum deployment flexibility by integrating with log management products

Full description of new features and capabilities of vRealize Network Insight 3.4 can be found here.

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vRBC 7.3 – Whats New Technical Blog

On June 13, 2017, VMware released an updated version of its vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 solution.VMwarevRealize Business for Cloudautomates cloud costing analysis, consumption metering, cloud comparison and planning, delivering the cost visibility and business insights you need to run your cloud more efficiently. Below is a summary of what&#rsquo;s new in this release of vRealize Business for Cloud.

Whats New?


Private Cloud - vSphere

  • Whitelist or Blacklist machines or clusters from vRBC data collection - You can select a set of virtual machines or clusters to add into vRealize Business for Cloud, instead of adding the complete vCenter Server.
    • To GET a list of current blacklisted clusters in a vCenter: python /usr/ITFM-Cloud/va-tools/bin/ GET
    • To ADD some clusters which are to be ignored: python /usr/ITFM-Cloud/va-tools/bin/ SET


Example run of the script as executed on vRBC Appliance.

Public Cloud - Azure & AWS

  • Azure & AWS are now considered a first class citizen in vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3, which provides the detailed costing, pricing mechanism, showback information, and VM Statistics for Non-EA accounts.
  • You can now define pricing policies for Azure virtual machines that are deployed directly on Azure and are deployed by vRealize Automation.
  • vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 can provide upfront price for Azure blueprint and if a Azure machine is deployed from vRealze Automation, vRealize Business for Cloud can compute cost-to-date.

First Class Citizen - Now on Overview page

More granular detailed view into Azure and AWS machines


Procurement Planning Enhancements

  • Simulate specific VM configuration and run a scenario to view capacity and plan procurement
  • Compare single or multiple datacenters
  • Configurable resources from CPU to Memory to Storage

Build your own Scenario breakdown based on VM specs


Pricing Methodology Enhancements

  • Global Pricing model based on usage or utilization for CPU, Memory and Storage
  • Service provider administrators can select their pricing preference
  • Define Depreciation Method for Hardware Costing
    • Straight Line
    • Double Declining Balance

Granular depreciation Methods


License and Roles

  • Support multiple license keys.You can now enter multiple license keys as part of license administration.
  • Additional access for vRealize Suite Standard license key.
  • The roles now match across all installation


  • Schedule a Report.You can now schedule and email a custom report or the out-of-the-box reports to a set of recipients on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Updates to the Daily Price Report.vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 calculates the virtual machine price accurately based on its CPU, storage and memory resource utilization or allocation and its change within a day.
  • New Reports.Additional reports are added in vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3:
    • Azure Instances
    • Azure Resources
    • Several out-of-the-box reports (that provides operational and cost visibility)
  • Enhanced Public APIs of Reports.You can now use the Public APIs to generate reports in the VMware Identity Manager integrated vRealize Business for Cloud setup.

Schedule your reports to be deliver via email


  • Tighter integration with vRealize Operations Manager.
  • Compatible with latest versions of VMware solutions.see theVMware Product Interoperability Matrix.
  • Support VMware NSX Manager.

Documentation and Links

  • Download Link:
    • Download Link for vRBC 7.3
  • Release Notes:
    • Release Notes for vRBC 7.3
  • Documentation Link:
    • Documentation for vRBC 7.3

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vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3: Cloud Consumption and Showback

vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 is generally available on Jun 13, 2017!You candownload the new release hereand read the What’s New blog to learn more.For new customers who want to understand how cost management can drive higher cloud efficiency, here is one of the best examples for you.


Use Case: Don’t Run Your IT as a “$1 Any Size” Coffee Shop

One of the fast food chains is currently running a promotion: $1 any size coffee. No hard data point is available but it’s a no-brainer that many customers would order a bigger size of coffee during the promotion period. Whether they would actually be able to drink all they get is a different story, however.


Size goes up, cost goes up

In the world of IT infrastructure, most of business groups probably request a Venti size virtual machine without knowing which size they actually need. One of the reasons behind is lack of cost transparency. Lines-of-business (LOB) are probably seeing a fixed amount (just like $1 coffee) of IT expenses without aware ofhow they consume IT services; therefore, they often end up requesting bigger size of resources.


Two sides of cost transparency

Cloud cost management have become a hot topic in the era of cloud computing as IT is facing more challenges on delivering services faster at a lower cost.

However, there are two key areas to be addressed in order to achieve an effective cost management – cost and consumption, and we often overlook the latter: who is using what, where? Unless we truly understand the consumption side of the story, we won’t be able to recommendthe right size to our customer, resulting in waste of resources.


Cloud Consumption and showback

VMware vRealize Business for Cloudaddresses this issue, helping IT understandwho is using what, where. Connected to VMware vCenter,vRealize Business for Cloudwill not only show you the overall consumption (remember, not demand but actual consumption) trend but also allow you to double click to understand which business unit is consuming what and where. For thewhopart, if vRealize Automation or vCloud Director is in place, vRealize Business for Cloudwill follow the define business groups in vRealize Automation, Organizations or Organization VDCs in vCloud Director; users can also use vCenter folders and tags to define business units and services with a great deal of flexibility.

Nicely summarized in a Showback statement, vRealize Business for Cloudcan also help lines of businesses to operate under the IT budget. It will show the given budget of the month, month-to-date charge, and the projected month-end charge. In addition, it shows how much they can potentially save through quantifying the oversized, idle, and turned-off VM&#rsquo;s in the Private Cloud;vRealize Operationsprovides the data, and vRealize Business for Cloudquantifies the data with dollar value, alanguage that business groupscan understand.Showback reports can enable a fact-based conversation between IT and business to drive higher efficiency of infrastructure utilization and achieve greater business value; it&#rsquo;s a win-win!


$1 any size coffee? Well, it is not here. In a company using vRealize Business for cloud, when business groups request a new service, theywill consider ordering the right size they need rather than always going for a Venti size.


Learn more:

  • Product page
  • Try our Hands-on-lab ( part of the intelligent operation use case)

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vRealize Operations 6.6: “I’m too sexy for my skin!”

vRealize Operations 6.6 gets sleeker and sexier in it’s new skin!

On June 13, many of the vRealize Suite components (namely vRealize Operations (vR Ops), vRealize Log Insight (vRLI), and vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC) had an update GA release. With this latest release of vR Ops a big focus has been on “simplifying the user experience” and “quicker time to value”. We really want to simplify the lives of “Anita” the VI Admin, “Brian” the Infrastructure and Operations Admin, “Ethan” the Fire Fighter.

The slick new HTML 5 UI is based on the Clarity Design System. Upon login to vR Ops you will see the following screen. You will notice that in the left-hand pane we have single-click links to commonly used environment overview dashboards, including Workload Balancing, as well as bringing Log Analytics, and Business and Cost Insights all into one place - vR Ops.



See the FULL picture!

While we’re here let us first take a quick peek at bringing together Log Analytics with vR Ops. We commonly refer to this as “360 degree troubleshooting” as you are able to troubleshoot across structured and unstructured data in one place.


See the BIG picture!

Secondly, take a look at how Cloud Costing and vR Ops come together. Imagine being able to do things like capacity management or forecasting and being able to see the cost associated with these activities, or looking at reclaiming capacity and being able to associate a dollar figure to the potential cost (and resource) savings.


BALANCE your life, yes you “Anita”, “Brian” and “Ethan”!

WOW, how about the enhanced Workload Balancing? Validate and modify DRS settings; Rebalance unbalanced Data Centers or Custom Data Centers, and Automate!


Persona-Based Content

Let’s head over to the DASHBOARD page. Start with the “Getting Started” dashboard. This is a Persona-Based dashboard that allows the user to look at five different categories of dashboards and very quick open any of them from there. These categories are: Operations, Capacity & Utilization, Performance Troubleshooting, Workload Balance, and Configuration & Compliance. Included in there are also vSAN dashboards as well as vRealize Automation (vRA) dashboards. In this release both vSAN and vRA are natively supported, so anyone using vSAN or vRA can quickly take advantage of this native support.


Resolve Issues Faster

What about Alerting? You can now slice-and-dice alerts any which way you want to help you accelerate resolving alerts and fixing issues faster.


Secure the Software Defined Data Center

So what about securing the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)? Well, that’s really important! You can now install - out of band - PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance content for the vSphere environment. This helps organizations with regulatory requirements improve their compliance posture.



vRealize Operations 6.6 has made some incredible improvements inspired by many of you out there that continue to challenge VMware and the Cloud Management Business Unit to do better! Thank you! Simplification; quicker time to value; persona-based dashboards and troubleshooting flows; enhanced fully automatable workload balancing; improved alerting to resolve issues quicker, and better securing the SDDC, are just scratching the surface of what vRealize Operations and vRealize Suite can help you with. I hope you enjoy this release!


Download and Try vRealize Operations 6.6 here!

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Compare Cloud Costs and Discover Reclamation Savings with Free Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) from VMware

As a part of the continuous effort to reduce cost and increase IT operational efficiency for our customers, VMware recently launched free Hybrid Cloud Assessment. Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) is fast, takes less than couple hours, analyzes your vSphere infrastructure and provides the following -

  • Customized cost comparison between your private cloud and AWS / Azure
  • Uncovers cost-savings reclamation opportunities in your private cloud
  • Cloud consumption insights for your lines of business (LoB)
  • Detailed analysis on your private cloud costs



David Davis recently published a blog on the value and need to run the free Hybrid Cloud Assessment before considering public cloud for existing or new workloads.


&#rsquo;The migration of specific applications and certain data must be done strategically and only after thorough analysis. Most enterprise IT infrastructures today are too complex to for a single person with a spreadsheet and a calculator to perform that analysis accurately and in a timely manner.&#rdquo;


Hybrid Cloud Assessment solves the complexity challenge faced by IT infrastructure / capacity planners and makes it easy to arrive at decisions on their public cloud strategy. Whether you extend to public cloud or not, having a strategy backed up by VMware HCA&#rsquo;s customized analysis for your infrastructure is powerful and a must have to be not lost in the sky of clouds.

Compare Cloud Costs, Discover Reclamation Savings and Gain Insights into Lines of Business (LoB) Cloud Consumption - Get all these with the Free Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) from VMware.

Completing a Hybrid Cloud Assessment with VMware is easy. Simply submit the form and a cloud expert will contact you.

Get Your HCA Report Today!

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vRealize Intelligent Operations – The Smart Choice

vRealize Operations - The #1 Virtualization Management Solution

Thousands of customers worldwide already recognize vRealize Intelligent Operations as the smart choice for managing hybrid environments. Independent reviewers on IT Central Station consistently rank vRealize Operations the #1 virtualization management solution (based on product reviews, ratings and comparisons). These reviewers cite the choice as a &#rsquo;no brainer,&#rdquo; because of the stability, enterprise-class features, depth and integration with other VMware products as the reason for their choice.

With this week&#rsquo;s release, we confirm what these reviewers already know, that VMware leads the market for operations management because it is the obvious choice. The release offers innovative new features across the suite, with key advances in cloud, automation and SDDC management. Customers like Bharti Airtel are a reflection of the commitment to the vRealize Intelligent Operations suite.

&#rsquo;Bharti Airtel is committed to delivering best-in-class service experience to its 280 million plus customers. To enable a seamless service experience on this scale and ensure continuity at all times, we are transitioning all our applications to private cloud and are leveraging VMware&#rsquo;s vRealize Operations to help us monitor our infrastructure as well as do future capacity planning. This has given elasticity and scalability to our business and added to the overall customer experience.&#rdquo;

Cloud Management/Costing

One of the most exciting aspects of the new release is the advancements made in cloud management. According to Mitch Wagner, Editor at Enterprise Cloud News, “The cost-cutting vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 was most intriguing.”

By more tightly integrating vRealize Business with vRealize Operations, we are providing a platform for operations teams to have meaningful conversations with cloud planning/costing teams, business units and executive management. This integration repositions the operations team, empowering them with meaningful, actionable financial metrics. The information helps drive business decisions about where and how to place workloads (on premise vs. cloud environments like Amazon and Microsoft).


This integration can now be paired with the new and free VMware Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA), which helps customers make better cost decisions as they migrate workloads to private and public clouds. It&#rsquo;s fast and easy, and provides cloud cost insights in less than 3 hours.

Continuing with the theme of cloud management, we are introducing vRealize Network Insight 3.4, which includes a new Enterprise edition to allow management of AWS-based network and security. With this release, customers utilize the full spectrum of AWS security features to set more elaborate data retention policies and longer periods for deeper historical analysis.

Automation and Ease-of-Use

Under the theme of automation, we are announcing new Automated Workload Placement capabilities that bring the best of vSphere&#rsquo;s DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) together with the predictive analysis capabilities of vRealize Operations 6.6. This linkage allows customers to view and set DRS settings directly from vRealize Operations, resulting in automated, intelligent placement of workloads based on a customer&#rsquo;s business requirements. vRealize Operations predicts anomalies and potential issues, telling DRS to make a change or shift a workload BEFORE a performance issue occurs. This feature also ensures proper initial placement, utilizing Operations analytics to optimize placement of workloads through vRealize Automation.

In addition, we have dramatically simplified the product by focusing on key personas, including Performance, Operations, Compliance and Capacity. When getting started with vRealize Operations 6.6, customers immediately know where to go, getting actionable information that is specific to their role.


Plan, Manage and Scale the SDDC

Next-generation management depends on a consistent operational model across the SDDC and public cloud. With this release, we are announcing several new features and integrations that simplify management, providing a consistent and integrated view across the pillars of compute, network and storage.

Native vSAN Management – vRealize Operations 6.6 includes native management of VMware&#rsquo;s vSAN, meaning customers manage virtual storage without acquiring additional software. Also, a new set of custom dashboards are included, tailored to provide VSAN visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. This integration provides a comprehensive view into performance and capacity of the vSAN environment, as well as deep troubleshooting capabilities of vSAN clusters. Once an issue is detected, customers can take advantage of vRealize Operations actions to correct it.

Log Insight Integration - Continuing with the integration theme, vRealize Operations 6.6 offers in-context integration with in our Log Insight product, allowing managers to view both structured and unstructured data (logs) from a single console. Events and alerts in vRealize Operations are now enriched with log file data, saving precious time when an operations team is diagnosing a mission-critical issue.

To learn more about our exciting new release, please refer to the vRealize Intelligent Operations homepage.

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vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3: Drive Your Cloud Efficiency with Cost Management

What’s New in vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3

Today, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3. The new release continues to improve the ease-of-access and ease-of-use for private cloud cost management and delivers more visibilityinto public cloud spending.

Cost management gets easier

Easy to access: our customers love the capability of accessing vRealize Business for Cloud as a tab within vRealize Operation UI, which helps them easily correlate operational data with cost insight to drive higher cloud efficiency. The new release will allowsingle sign-on authentication with vIDM integration.

Easy to navigate: Redesigned UI delivers consistent user experience across operation products. Use-case driven Launchpad simplifies the navigation.

Easy to make decisions: Procurement planning capability introduced in the new release will provide insights on hardware procurement for future workload allocation, recommendingwhat type of resource to buy and how many to buy.

Easy to gain insights: A new set of out-of-the-box reports covering infrastructure and cost data enables IT teams to get the most-frequently-used data in one-click. Want to send reports to the right person at the right time? Report scheduling is also available in this release now.

Easy to price IT services: With the enhanced integration with vRealize Automation, customers will be able to do pricing based on blueprints, reservations or reservation policy, across private and public cloud endpoints. Automated pricing update is also supported after Day2 actions.


Optimize Public Cloud spending with more visibility

Comprehensive cost visibility: The new release will provide complete costing analysis across all AWS and Azure services with enhanced public clouds reporting capabilities.

Enhanced usage visibility: VM level usage information is available for IT teams to improve resource utilization and optimize spending.



REGISTER HEREto be notified as soon as the vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3download becomes available and learn more about the product here.

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VMware vRealize Operations 6.6: Plan, Manage and Scale SDDC and Multi-Cloud Environments

Sneak Preview: What’s New in VMware vRealize Operations 6.6

Today, VMware announced upcoming releases for its entire portfolio of operations management products – vRealize Operations 6.6, vRealize Log Insight 4.5, vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 and vRealize Network Insight 3.4.

The new vRealize Operations 6.6 release will offer an integrated experience with vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Business for Cloud, delivering the complete &#rsquo;intelligent operations&#rdquo; use case. This release will deliver several game-changing innovations, redesigned user experience, and greater/deeper integration across software defined datacenter (SDDC) technologies and multiple public clouds.

Intelligent operations solution is designed to help customers plan, manage and scale their software defined data centers (SDDC) and multi-cloud environments. If you&#rsquo;d like to be notified when the new vRealize Operations 6.6 is available to download/evaluate, sign up here. For more information visit the vRealize Operations web page.

vRealize Operations 6.6 will bring together all management functions – performance management, capacity, log analytics, cost analytics, planning, topology analysis, troubleshooting and automated workload balancing – in one integrated, highly intuitive, scalable and extensible platform.

VMware vRealize Operations 6.6 integrated with vRealize Log Insight 4.5 and vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 delivers core capabilities around:

  • Application-aware SDDC and multi-cloud monitoring to help customers accelerate adoption of SDDC and integrate public clouds. Native SDDC integrations such as with VMware vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation, redesigned intuitive user interface, unified visibility from applications to infrastructure and actionable insights combining metrics and logs deliver quick time to value. Customers get a unified operations view into applications and infrastructure health, visualize key performance indicators and infrastructure components dependencies. Predictive analytics and smart alerts enable proactive remediation of performance problems. Simple actionable out-of-the-box persona-based dashboards, metrics and logs side-by-side, custom dashboards, reports and views enable role-based access and smarter troubleshooting.
  • Automated and proactive performance management helps customers simplify operations, avoid disruption and free up time for more strategic tasks. The new capabilities in vRealize Operations 6.6. include fully automated workload balancing across hosts, clusters and datastores supporting both VMotion and Storage VMotion. It also offers full Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) management and predictive DRS. Predictive DRS combines predictive analytics from vRealize Operations with DRS capabilities to inform DRS of an expected spike in load so that DRS can move VMs before contention occurs. Anomalies and issues can be proactively detected and automatically remediated before end users are impacted.
  • Cloud Planning, capacity optimization and compliance – Upcoming vRealize Operations 6.6 includes tight integration with vRealize Business for Cloud which appears as &#rsquo;Business Management&#rdquo; tab within the vRealize Operations UI. Now vRealize Operations can correlate operational metrics with cost insights to understand how capacity utilization drives cost optimization. Fine grained cost analysis for private cloud and ability to compare costs across private and multiple public clouds such as AWS and Azure accelerate cloud planning, budgeting and procurement decisions, control costs and reduce risk. Customers can optimize cost and resource usage through capacity management, reclamation and right sizing and improve planning and forecasting. Also included are new SDDC health dashboards and hardening across the entire SDDC stack including NSX and VSAN.




Below are some of the &#rsquo;spotlight&#rdquo; features and capabilities:

1. Redesigned User Interface

  • Simplified Usability – New HTML5 UI has easier and consistent experience across all operations products
    • Quicker Navigation – New &#rsquo;Getting Started&#rdquo; dashboard points you to the right place
    • Accelerated Remediation – Persona-based dashboards provide the answers in one place – Operations, Troubleshooting, Cloud Capacity, Compliance and Config
  • Quicker Time To Value – OOTB integrations
    • Storage (vSAN), Logs (vRealize Log Insight), Business (vRealize Business for Cloud) and Automation (vRealize Automation)












2. Best for SDDC Management

  • Complete native vSAN management
    • Performance, Capacity, Logs, Configuration and Health
    • No management pack required, 1-click to enable rich VSAN metrics/data
  • Centralized management across vSAN stretched clusters
  • Deploy vSAN with confidence with complete visibility down to disk level
  • Operationalize vSAN with performance and capacity monitoring, including dedup and compression benefits
  • SDDC Health Dashboard, including vSphere, NSX and vSAN
    • SDDC-App-Operations-View with Health breakdown for each product
    • Correlation of SDDC-App-component to underlying Infrastructure health (deployment instances and corresponding VM health)
  • Service Discovery Management Pack
    • Discover and list services and display the relationship between selected service and other services on other VMs.
    • Visualize relationship of selected VM with other VMs
    • Service Breakdown Across Environment
    • Validate SRM protection group and recovery plan membership



3. Intelligent Workload Placement featuring Fully Automated Workload Balancing

  • Ensure performance across the datacenter with fully automated workload balancing
    • Across clusters
    • Across data stores (w/ storage vMotion)
    • Easily automatable
    • Schedulable at a convenient maintenance window
  • Ensure DRS Configurations – View and set DRS settings to drive better balance
  • Avoid contention – Predictive DRS takes action before the contention occurs
  • Proper Initial Placement - Utilize Operations analytics to optimize placement of workloads through vRA


4. Full 360-Degree Log Integration with vRealize Operations 6.6

  • Full Integration in-context within vRealize Operations for faster troubleshooting
    • Direct launch into Log insight Dashboard
    • Direct launch into Log Insight Interactive Analytics mode
    • Object auto-initiated log management
    • vRealize Operations alerts auto-initiated log management


5. Cost Management Gets Easier with vRealize Operations 6.6

  • Optimize Public Clouds Spending with more visibility
    • Cost Visibility: Costing analysis for all services on AWS and Azure
    • Usage Visibility: VM level usage visibility into public clouds
  • Enhanced planning by correlating capacity and costs
    • Fine grained cost analysis for private cloud
    • Makes capacity optimization quantifiable
    • Procurement planning

6. OOTB Compliance and Hardening

  • Tackle compliance problems
    • What is out of compliance
    • New vSphere hardening dashboard
    • Hardening across all SDDC components, vSAN, NSX, vCenter
  • Extend Compliance – PCI & HIPAA compliance for vSphere
  • Ensure business configurations - New cluster, host and VM configuration dashboards











For more information visit the vRealize Operations web page.

Again, if you&#rsquo;d like to be notified when the new vRealize Operations 6.6, vRealize Log Insight 4.5 and vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 and vRealize Network Insight 3.4 become available to download/evaluate, sign up here.


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Download Free vRealize ROI Report

VMware is pleased to announce the availability of a new vRealize Suite ROI calculator. Download your free report today.
Many VMware customers like you are also modernizing data centers and integrating public clouds to address their digital transformation agenda. VMware&#rsquo;s vRealize Suite, the market&#rsquo;s leading enterprise-ready Cloud Management Platform, can help you reach your IT goals. But how can you justify a Cloud Management Platform investment?

vRealize Suite ROI Calculator

The vRealize Suite ROI calculator can help you learn more about the key cost and benefit drivers that help to make the business case for a Cloud Management Platform. Just select the type of use case you are trying to address and adjust a few default numbers about your virtual environment. And voila! The calculator will immediately give you an estimate in terms of the potential ROI, payback period, and net benefits. You can even download a free report that you can share with your colleagues. Click here to get your free vRealize ROI report today.

Cloud Management Challenges

Like you, many VMware customers find managing today&#rsquo;s app environments is becoming more complex from increased scale, more dynamic workloads, and adoption of multi-cloud computing. Many also aspire to build and operate a private cloud that is efficient, delivers resources on a time scale appropriate for the business. And it provides a user experience that meets the expectations of Lines of Business (LOBs). Others need to manage both private and multiple public clouds in a way that allows IT to exercise an appropriate level of control without inserting intrusive governance. It should not negatively impact developer and LOB efficiency or their satisfaction with the delivered services.

Learn More

To learn more about how VMware Cloud Management Platform solutions can help you with such challenges, visit us online at VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite. See how you can jump start your Modernize Data Centers initiative or Integrate Public Clouds initiative with VMware.

Additional Resources:

  • Cloud Management Platform Brochure
  • Cloud Management Platform for Dummies
  • VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite: Licensing, Pricing, and Packaging Whitepaper

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