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Financial Services Workshop @ VMworld 2017 US

Partners, don&#rsquo;t let your customers miss the first-ever VMworld Financial Services Workshop on Sunday. It&#rsquo;s a great opportunity for your financial services customers and prospects to network with industry innovators and peers in a half-day, free, pre-conference session. They can secure their seat by adding this workshop [IND6502U] to their conference agenda.

Sunday, August 27 | 1-4PM
Securely Modernizing and Mobilizing Financial Services to Improve Customer Experiences and Drive Top-Line Growth [IND6502U]

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VMware, Cognizant, Capgemini, Accenture, & HCL Technologies to Host Joint Cloud Expert Panel at VMworld 2017 US

Get ready to hear some of the greatest leaders in the cloud industry discuss best practices and insights on navigating the cloud native journey during the Cloud Expert Panel Discussion [CNA3158PU] on Weds, Aug. 30. Check out the panel participants and be sure to add it to your conference schedule today.

Attendees will also hear about related VMware technologies, solutions, and best practices directly from solution providers who are in the forefront of building next gen DevOps solutions for customers.


The post VMware, Cognizant, Capgemini, Accenture, & HCL Technologies to Host Joint Cloud Expert Panel at VMworld 2017 US appeared first on Partner News.

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Celebrating Shared Success at the VMware Partner Recognition Dinner

Alanzo Blackstock, Partner Organisation UKI, VMware, congratulates the winners from this year&#rsquo;s annual Partner Recognition Dinner, hosted at the Renaissance Hotel, St Pancras.

Helping businesses become more agile and digitally transformed is at the very heart of what we do. And from ensuring business continuity with vSAN 6.6 to navigating the multi-cloud world with our Cross-Cloud architecture, our partners are there with us every step of the way. We therefore relish the chance to celebrate our shared success.

To reflect upon the great work that has been achieved across our partner community, we were very proud to host our seventh annual Partner Recognition Dinner. And, drum roll please, here are the winners!

VMware Specialist Partner of the Year – R-com

IT solutions and education expert, R-com, has been awarded Specialist Partner of the Year for heavily investing in training to develop new leads and opportunities in mobility. It&#rsquo;s created customer-focused marketing campaigns that have identified new leads and opportunities and has achieved an impressive 550% growth year on year for Enterprise Mobility Management business.

VMware Public Sector Partner of the Year – SBL

SBL&#rsquo;s willingness to adapt and upskill won the consultancy Public Sector Partner of the Year award. The consultancy has helped us to drive momentum for flagship products such as NSX and vSAN, securing sizable wins, landing SLAs and influencing longstanding customers.

VMware Customer Story of the Year – Softcat

Softcat&#rsquo;s understanding of customer needs and enterprise mobility management led to it receiving VMware&#rsquo;s Customer Story of the Year award. Winning over legacy customers and demonstrating the benefits of EUC was a highlight for Softcat as it significantly grew a pilot project, integrated Workspace ONE and developed a larger-scale project for the customer that&#rsquo;s now entering its second phase.

VMware System Integrator of the year – IBM UK

A strong strategic partnership made IBM the natural choice for VMware&#rsquo;s System Integrator of the Year award. A shared vision for cloud and close collaboration helped to secure VMware&#rsquo;s involvement in cloud sales and opportunities with net new accounts. Further engagement with other flagship products, from NSX and vSAN to the vRealize Suite sealed the deal for IBM&#rsquo;s partner recognition win.

VMware Marketing Campaign of the Year – Computacenter

VMware Marketing Campaign of the Year award was won by Computacenter for its dedicated VMworld Europe 2016 marketing plans and execution. At the event, the company hosted over 40 customers, setting up key stakeholder meetings and workshops. To close the event, a hugely successful evening reception was attended by over 180 VMware executives, partner sales and customers to drive engagement for both companies.

VMware Distributor of the Year – TD Azlan

Strategic partner wins and driving success with non-Premier partners led to TD Azlan being awarded VMware&#rsquo;s Distributor of the Year. TD Azlan helped Enterprise Partners reach Premier Partner status, increased sales from non-Premier partners by double digits and achieved triple digit growth across AirWatch, NSX and vSAN.

VMware vCAN Partner of the Year – Ensono

Ensono&#rsquo;s dedication to the VMware portfolio resulted in a well-deserved VMware vCAN Partner of the Year award win. Ensono&#rsquo;s engagement with hybrid cloud and integration of VMware&#rsquo;s SDDC suite and NSX into its own cloud offering resulted in two major international customer deals and impressive mutual growth.

VMware &#lsquo;IT Strategy&#rsquo; Partner of the Year – Phoenix Software

Strong public sector customer wins and dedication to the Modernize Data Centers strategy resulted in a VMware IT Strategy Partner of the Year win for Phoenix Software. Phoenix was particularly strong in demonstrating the customer benefits of SDDC, from migration costs to reduced risk and cost across NSX, vSAN and vRealize.

VMware Rising Star of the Year – Creative ITC

Creative ICT&#rsquo;s focus on consultancy, dedication to EUC and impressive sales brought in the VMware Rising Star of the Year win. Two thirds of the company&#rsquo;s revenue was attributed to EUC and license revenue snowballed to deliver an astounding growth 833% across vCloud Air, Enterprise Desktop vRealize, vSAN and NSX in 2016.

VMware UK&I Partner of the Year – Asystec

Our highest accolade of the evening was awarded to Asystec for its dedication to VMware&#rsquo;s product portfolio, marketing campaigns and flagship events, and for aiming to work as an extension of the VMware team. The company has achieved an impressive 210% annual growth and one integrated marketing campaign alone on &#lsquo;Act 2&#rsquo; technologies led to an impressive $1m pipeline.

Thank you to all our partners who contributed to a successful year and a celebratory evening of shared success. See you at the Partner Recognition Dinner in 2017!

To find out more about the partner opportunity for 2017 and beyond, hear what VMware&#rsquo;s Vice President for Channel, Alliances and General Business in EMEA has to say here.

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Bagging a Simplified Infrastructure for Coop

As one of Denmark&#rsquo;s leading retailers, Coop needed to ensure the best customer service at all times – and that requires keeping the infrastructure up and running continuously.

In this guest blog from our partner Atea, who worked closely with Coop on the project, they talk about the challenges the supermarket faced – and why a virtual storage solution with vSAN helped to address these.

How to create a digital business supported with the right technology? That&#rsquo;s one of the most common conversations we have with our customers at Atea. We&#rsquo;re finding most business leaders understand the need for evolved infrastructures that can support agility and help them remain competitive, but it&#rsquo;s in the low-margin retail space we&#rsquo;re especially seeing calls for achieving this with the lowest possible cost.

So how can retailers create an environment that will help them move fast, but won&#rsquo;t have an impact on those profit margins? Let me talk to you about our work in the space with Coop Denmark, a customer of ours for the past five years.

Coop had to find innovative ways of ensuring it can cut costs while delivering great customer experience. Achieving this in a highly-saturated retail market is no mean feat, especially when you consider the fact that it needs to tackle an increasingly complex range of systems, applications and processes that require a strong, resilient infrastructure – all the way from stock control and POS terminals to supply chain integration.

For years, Coop had to rely on infrastructure that enables its systems to work all of the time. After all, if just one of its 5,100 point of sale (POS) terminals in one of its 1,200 stores goes down, not only does the company risk losing money, it can also suffer reputational damage which can affect customer loyalty in the long-term. Stopping a customer from buying their essentials just once can prevent Coop from making money from that customer ever again.

For Coop, the challenge to ensure ongoing business continuity grew exponentially as the retailer expanded and it soon became apparent that it needed more storage to ensure it would always be &#lsquo;on&#rsquo;. One solution to this was to enable expansion by repeatedly building virtual machines on top of physical infrastructure – but this meant that its estate was tough to manage and hard to control because a lack of visibility. It was also a more expensive method of expanding storage.

A helping hand

It was clear to Coop that a new way of thinking was required when it came to managing its storage - and it was at this point they came to us at Atea for a solution. Our early conversations with Coop taught us that it didn&#rsquo;t just want a solution to fix IT system crashes in-store, instead, it wanted a solution that ensures stability all of the time – thus reducing the need to fix IT issues. We needed to offer a proactive rather than a reactive solution.

Once we were on board, we quickly suggested that Coop build its datacentre on a virtual storage solution with VMware vSAN. With the help of VMware we were able to show how a software-defined approach to storage would help to create a more agile, secure and more reliable business – all while saving money.

A project of this scale can at times feel daunting to many but we always work as closely with VMware as possible to ensure a streamlined process. VMware worked on the design, while we handled the implementation. This was our first experience of deploying vSAN at that capacity, performance and scale – and it was a huge success.

Simplified datacentre

One of the key vSAN features Coop wanted to exploit was failure domains; the ability multiple data centres where if one site ever goes down, a second can carry on completely uninterrupted while intelligently creating and keeping a back-up of data. This would have been incredibly difficult to do with a legacy storage vendor and could have caused a lot of business disruption. Instead, Coop now can ensure that in the rare instance that one of its data centres does down, its systems will remain active – meaning that transactions can be processed and that customers are left satisfied with the customer service they&#rsquo;ve received.

Atea is proud to have helped Coop to have moved towards software-defined storage that underpins every business process - all the way from the tills in the stores, through to the provisioning of goods from the warehouses and ultimately the customer experience.

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Secure anytime, anywhere – opportunities for EUC partners

The concept of &#rsquo;work&#rdquo; has dramatically evolved over the past five years. Shifting away from a physical location, employees want to be able to work anytime, anywhere – whether it be at home, or in a cafe. Today, businesses need to support users&#rsquo; access to services, applications and data on any device and in any location, and this poses many challenges.

Our mission is to solve these challenges and work with our partners to help transform their customers&#rsquo; End User Computing (EUC) environments. With 2016 marking an important year for VMware&#rsquo;s strategy with the final integration of Airwatch into VMware, we spoke to Phil Croxford, VMware&#rsquo;s Director of EUC Alliances and Channels for EMEA, about the opportunities for VMware EUC partners in bringing their customers&#rsquo; digital workspace vision to life.

What is the state of the market right now?

We&#rsquo;re going through a transformation in the way we interface with applications at work - driven by employees&#rsquo; experience of consumer applications. Being able to book a taxi or access boarding passes all through a mobile device is creating high expectations among employees to see the same thing in the workplace.

It&#rsquo;s these employee expectations that are challenging employers, who in turn are challenging vendors, to deliver a consumer simple workspace, but with the levels of security that enterprise customers need. They expect to be able to dispense with a raft of different passwords and access their apps with fingerprint or facial recognition, which can be more convenient and more secure. The GDPR, the EU&#rsquo;s General Data Protection, active from 2018, will up this ante for strengthening and enforcing security.

But that&#rsquo;s only part of the story. As end point devices multiply in terms of number and diversity, it becomes another access point for hackers. The complexity and breadth of multiple attack points makes it difficult to fight this threat. Unsurprisingly, the pressure on achieving a true business mobility is mounting on IT leaders. Our recent research revealed that 47% of IT leaders are risking the security of business data to deliver business mobility.

What can partners be doing to make the most of these opportunities?

Partners need to be able to paint a vision of the digital workspace, and then draw their customers a map of how to get there. All customers are at different stages in this journey, so as a partner you need to be able to identify what you can do for them and provide the right advice and consultancy. For example, while virtual desktops (VDI) is a mature market, partners can use solutions like VMware App Volumes to help customers on the way to the digital workspace if the customer isn&#rsquo;t yet ready to fully adopt Workspace ONE. This can even go on in the background whilst the longer-term strategic transformation happens.

What&#rsquo;s more, our partners need to consider all aspects of the digital workspace holistically, rather than taking a traditional siloed approach. Partners should identify how they can shift away from communicating with customers in functional silos - discussing mobility with the mobile teams - to creating a unified vision for mobility in the business. They need to be business transformation partners, identifying productivity gains for their customers and building the business case for investment. Ultimately, they can help customers reap the benefits of business mobility, giving them an edge in today&#rsquo;s competitive business environment.

What do you want VMware&#rsquo;s partners to take with them into 2017?

For partners in 2017, it is crucial that they understand the digital workspace vision and how they&#rsquo;re going to compellingly explain it to their customers. Partners themselves need to work hard to break down the silo mentality in order to make the digital workspace a reality for customers. This also offers a fantastic opportunity to cross sell solutions – there&#rsquo;s a lot more to the digital workspace than a single product. As part of this, mobility offers a chance to speak to senior decision makers beyond the IT department, as mobility is high up the corporate agenda.

Partners also need to think about the security side of things around mobility. We&#rsquo;re living in a world where there are more connected devices than people and every end point device is a security vulnerability that needs to be protected and managed. The number of connected devices creates challenges for partners in giving users the consumer experience they want, whilst guaranteeing security.

VMware is the only single vendor who can deliver against these imperatives and help customers achieve a secure digital workspace, so we want partners to grab these opportunities with both hands,

Find out more about being a VMware partner and our award-winning partner network here. Keep an eye on our blog and follow us on @VMware_UK to keep up to date with the latest partner news and announcements.

For partners attending Mobile World Congress next week - why not pop by for a chat? You&#rsquo;ll find us in Hall 3, Stand 3K10.

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The Power of Partnership – the VMware opportunity in 2017

We recently spoke to VMware&#rsquo;s Vice President for Channel, Alliances and General Business in EMEA, Jean Philippe Barleaza, to reflect on the successes in 2016 and the prospects for VMware&#rsquo;s partner base in EMEA in the year ahead.

From the launch of Cross-Cloud to the momentum around solution areas including NSX and vSAN, there is no doubt that 2016 was been a great year for our partner ecosystem. In our video interview Jean Philippe explores how the completion of the AirWatch integration, the Dell EMC deal and the Cross-Cloud announcement have represented more choice for customers and increased the opportunities for our partners.

What&#rsquo;s more, Jean Phillippe also took the time to reveal what should be the four main priorities for VMware partners in 2017 as they create opportunities for their customers and ultimately drive their digital transformation journey.

Hear from Jean Philippe Barleaza here. We&#rsquo;ve also been running an ongoing series of partner blog posts, providing deeper insights into our partner community and why our solutions are a crucial to their customers&#rsquo; business transformation. Take a look at the series here.

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Adapting for specialisms in the cloud

As part of our ongoing series of interviews with our partner community, we spoke with Jean d&#rsquo;Ornano, Head of Partnerships and Alliances at VMware France. Jean talked to us about the opportunities that partners have in 2017 to adapt to the changing cloud environment, and why specialisation and services are key to helping customers on their digital transformation journey.

We&#rsquo;ve entered a new era of cloud where the most evolved partners are those that recognise the value of specialising in a particular set of products or services. Becoming an informed expert is a key selling point in a marketplace that&#rsquo;s crying out for more in-depth &#lsquo;know how&#rsquo; on the challenges of a multi-cloud world. The key for partners in 2017 will be to answer this call by adapting their skills.

Cloud isn&#rsquo;t a straightforward landscape to operate in - in fact it can be positively volatile. Industry experts IDC recognise this, predicting that by 2020, 30 per cent of vendors operating today won’t exist in their cur