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New KB articles published for the week ending 12th January,2020

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Hyper-V Replica using IP Address instead of NETBIOS/FQDN


I’m trying to send traffic of replication over my 10Gig NIC, and regular traffic on 1 Gig. 

Anyone can help me out. Unable to start replication. 


Serv1 - 1 Gig
Serv1 - - 10gig    connected to internal 10 Gig switch and no internet. 

Serv2 - - 10Gig   connected to same 10Gig switch no internet. 

i can ping from host server 2 to server 1 - Successful - Vice versa as well.

i can ping from server 2 Vm to server 1 - successful. - Vice versa as well.

host file is also updated with 10.10.10.x - able to ping as well. 

1 Gig

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Issue with Hyper-V host backup


I have three Hyper-V hosts - two are Hyper-V Server 2016, and one is Server 2016 Standard edition. Each server holds two VMs - a domain controller, and an application server. I use Nakivo for backing up all three hosts, which supports Hyper-V RCT and is
configured to create "forever incremental" daily backups. It usually works great, but there is one weird issue with it, and it happens only on the Server 2016 Standard edition host - after I reboot one of the VMs it hosts, the next backup will be
huge - as if it was the first time I am backing up this VM.

It is also worth mentioning that this specific host is of an older hardware model (new R440 vs. R510), and is physically located on a site which is different to the other Hyper-V hosts and the backup server (symmetrical 100Mb FC, though).

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

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Windows 2019 Hyper-V role installation networking issue

On a server that previously had the Hyper-V role installed but since removed. 
Trying to install Hyper-V role again and on reboot no Microsoft Virtual Network Switch Adapter is not created and original nic cannot be accessed or properties viewed. 
No access to Hyper-V Manager.

How do I start figuring this issue out?

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Managementos Virtual Adapters do not receive IP address from ICS DHCP Server


The goal of the project that I am working on is to create a subnet, with DHCP and NAT, of virtual adapters on the management OS.

(Please do not question why I would do such a thing)

To accomplish this I created a hyper-v Internal Virtual Switch with the command

New-VMSwitch -SwitchName "V Switch" -SwitchType Internal

and I also created multiple virtual adapters connected to that switch.

Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "V Adapter1" -SwitchName "V Switch”
Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "V Adapter2" -SwitchName "V Switch”
Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "V Adapter3" -SwitchName "V Switch”

Then connected a physical adapter (connected to the internet) to the internal virtual switch using Internet connection sharing (ICS). Which turned the internal virtual switch’s adapter into a gateway with Ip address The other adapters, V Adapter1
ect…, should be apart of the subnet and get an Ip address in the range but they do not get responses from Internet connection sharing’s DHCP server and have APIPA addresses.

I tested to see if I could get an Ip address from a VM attached to the internal virtual switch and the VM was able to get the Ip address from the DHCP server just fine.

I also tested to see if I could get an Ip address using the ManagementOs virtual adapter "V Adapter1" by using a custom protocol driver that spoofed the source mac address (send DHCP discover with different MAC) and set the adapter in promiscuous
mode(Receive messages with MACs other than the adapters own MAC). It was also able to get an Ip address.

Does anyone have any idea why the ManagementOs virtual adapters are not able to get an Ip address from ICS’s DHCP server?

Also forgot to mention that if I set a static Ip address for the ManagementOs virtual adapters they work all perfectly fine. It just seems like the DHCP discover message is ignored by ICS if it is from the ManagementOs virtual adapters.

Any ideas of why this happens or a way to get Ip address for ManagementOs virtual adapters from the ICS DHCP server would be a great help.


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Is there a tool that converts VMDK from vSAN to VHD files

Hello, does a tool exist that I can connect my hyperv machine to an existing vmware environment and run it so it can convert the virtual machines into a VHD format. 

I’m being asked this question and unfortunately I don’t know the answer. If it does exist, is there one that runs like vmware converter where it does it on the fly while the machine is on and I simply have to turn the machine on after it is done converting?


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Hyper-v replica between hyper-v server 2016 and windows server 2019?


Is it possible to have hyper-v replica between hyper-v server 2016 (core) and windows server 2019?

Consider that VM
configuration versions
are the same.

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Detecting VM boot to desktop

Hi all,

Looking around I haven’t seen any elegant way to determine that a VM has booted successfully to the desktop (assuming autologon).

Is there a Microsoft approved way of detecting this? Or is it only "check if a service is running", etc semi-hacks?

Thanks for any insights


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Server problem. ProLiant DL360 Gen9 – VM Windows Server 2016 – Randomly Freezes


For some time I have a problem with VM (Windows Server 2016) on the HP Proliant DL360 Gen9 server.

The machine has been freezing for some time. I can’t get to it through RDP, SSH. When I want VM shutdown on Hypervisor, I get the error "VM state does not allow it to close".

I get errors on VM:

DCOM 10010 - "The server did not register in DCOM within the required time."


WAS 5010 - "The process serving the application pool did not respond to the ping command. The process identifier.

The problem repeats every few days or once a month.

The problem usually lasts 30 minutes.

I have already tried many solutions. Unfortunately, no result …

Thanks for any help.

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WS2106 Evaluation > change host


Can i move virtual machine with Windows Server 2016 evaluation (180days) from one Hyper-V host to other?

Will I lost my evaluation time? I had to do lot of changes and installed many programs so I don’t want to do it again, but i have to move this machine to other host.

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