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How to connect wifi clients to Hyper-V-based domain

1 Hyper-V host with a 4-port NIC running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Core

Domain Controller VM and client VMs running on it, connected through an Internal vSwitch.  DC runs DHCP.  Client VMs connected to this Internal vSwitch get DHCP from DC fine.

Flat 192.168.0.x network, looking to keep it as simple as possible for now.

I would now like to connect wireless clients to this DHCP network.  

I have a wireless router that I turned into a bridge by disabling its DHCP and uPNP, and setting a static 192.168.0.x IP for it.

What should I do to enable clients connecting to this bridge to grab an IP from this DC?

(I’ve tried various things, but don’t want to clutter this thread with my (likely faulty) actions, for now.

Thank you for all guidance.

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Adding route information in a Windows 10 VM

Is there a trick to editing route tables in a Windows 10 VM in Hyper V?  I have a virtual switch associated with a virtual network adapter in the Windows VM.  I need to interface this to a network emulator in another VM in Hyper V.  From a
non virtual machine I would normally use "route add…".  However, whenever I try to do this in the Windows 10 VM I get an error message:  "The route addition failed: Element not found".  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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HyperV Replica Error with drive space

I have an error with my HyperV replica.

MyServer requires resychronization because it is about to run out of disk space on ‘%3’ available space is less than %4MB.(Virtual machine ID %2)

I have check disk space on my 2 host servers and then virtual but none are running out.

Which server is it talking about?

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Ways to retrieve files from a corrupted snapshot file?

Hi Experts,

My team did something wrong in the snapshot files of our VMs that eventually made them corrupted.  Now, booting the base disk, doesnt show up the files that we are looking for, they appear to be on the corrupted snaps and we need to recover them. Has
anyone been in this situation?  What are the ways you guys did to recover the files in the corrupted snapshot files?  Is it still possible to recover them?  Please advise.

Thank You!


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SDDC Management cluster role Error

Trying to use Windows Admin  Center with my microsoft hyperconverged cluster/ Using powershell installed  SDDC Management role but it doesn’t starts with errors:

SDDC Management cluster resource failed to come online.

Resource: SDDC Management
Status: There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.

Cluster resource ‘SDDC Management’ of type ‘SDDC Management’ in clustered role ‘Cluster Group’ failed. The error code was ‘0x6d9’ (‘There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.’).

Based on the failure policies for the resource and role, the cluster service may try to bring the resource online on this node or move the group to another node of the cluster and then restart it.  Check the resource and group state using Failover Cluster
Manager or the Get-ClusterResource Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

Which way should i look?

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How to set the two parameters of ‘Member’ and ‘Collection’ when using AddMember()?

Hi, everyone, how do you set the parameters when using the Msvm_CollectionManagementService::AddMember() function?

According to the MSDN documentation(AddMember), it says: The ‘Member’ parameter means: A reference to the managed element
to add. The ‘Collection’ parameter means: A reference to the collection that receives the managed element. I am really Do not understand, how should this parameter be set?

My code snippet:

BSTR paramName4 = L"Member";
//var.vt = VT_BYREF | VT_UNKNOWN;
//var.ppunkVal = (IUnknown**)&m_pComputerSystem;
//var.vt = VT_BYREF;
//var.byref = (PVOID)m_pComputerSystem;
//var.vt = VT_UNKNOWN;
//var.punkVal = (IUnknown*)pInClass;
var.vt = VT_BSTR;

var.bstrVal = _bstr_t(_vmName.c_str()); //_vmName, the virtual machine name

hresult = pInClass->Put(paramName4,
if (FAILED(hresult))
string msg = "Failed to set property.";
throw std::exception(msg.c_str());

BSTR paramName5 = L"Collection";
//var.vt = VT_BYREF | VT_UNKNOWN;
//var.ppunkVal = (IUnknown**)&collectionName;
//var.vt = VT_BYREF;
//var.byref = (PVOID)collectionName;
//var.vt = VT_UNKNOWN;
//var.punkVal = (IUnknown*)pInClass->QueryInterface(&collectionName);
var.vt = VT_BSTR;
var.bstrVal = _bstr_t(_collectionName.c_str()); // _collectionName, the collection name

//invoke method
hresult = m_pWbemServices->ExecMethod(
if (FAILED(hresult))
string msg = "Failed to invoke method.";
throw std::exception(msg.c_str());

Next I call the AddMember() method and the CreateSnapshot() method, and the return value is S_OK, but unfortunately, I don’t see the new snapshot generation or .rct file generation.

Please give me some guidance, cheers

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Increase VHD Size


How can i increase the size of C?

Windows 2012 Hyper-V Server, VM is 2016

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Stay logged in to vm after disconnecting from server?

I have 2 GUI based programs running on Windows 10 in a Hyper-v machine that are constantly being automated by a third program. I would like to have this process continue running after I disconnect from the machine but disconnecting causes the machine to
go into the locked state. This causes the automation software to fail because functions like "SetForegroundWindow" fail without there being an active desktop session.

Is there any way to accomplish this without having to leave a second machine connected to the server 24/7?

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Visual Studio Professional Subscription – Hyper-V core licensing


I have a Visual Studio Professional subscription which allows me to download and use Windows Server 2016/2019 Standard or DataCentre edition. I would like to test Hyper-V on my homelab server which is equipped with 2 CPU’s which have 8 cores each. 
For testing purpose do I need to purchase a 16 core license if I was to use the DataCentre edition or the core license is not required when testing / using a Visual Studio Professional subscription ?

Kind regards,


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Hyper-V manager will not start VM– timed out

I am using windows pro 10 on a home AD domain. The manager creates and verifies the VM files easily, but will not start any of the VMs. The errors (in the event log) only show "timed out". I have added myself (and I am a domain administrator)
to the Hyper-V administrator group on the computer, turned off Norton AV and firewall, disabled Windows Defender, ran the manager as an elevated app and regularly. Still no joy. I see this issue quite a bit in the forum. Does anyone have an idea how to proceed.
I also have checked the hardware requirements for Hyper-V and this machine passes. 

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