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Hyper-V Live Migration between AMD EPYC and AMD Bulldozer Processors

Looking at replacing one node of our Windows 2012 Cluster with a new AMD EPYC processor based server.

The cluster currently has four AMD Opteron (Bulldozer) processor based servers. Trying to confirm that I will be able to perform Hyper-V live migrations between the new EPYC and the old AMD Opteron processors. 

I did find an AMD document on movement between AMD EPYC and Intel Processors -
, but this has no mention of older AMD processors

 I posted this question on the AMD forum, but got no response.  Does anyone know whether the Live migration will work between these two AMD processor generations?



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2012 R2 Guest, Disk issues on one Host to another


We’ve experienced a bit of an issue with our setup which I’m hitting a blank at. Any suggestions on what could be causing this would be great.

What’s our Setup?

We have a 3 node Hyper-V cluster, all running Windows Server 2012 R2.

They share a Dell EqualLogic PS4100X hosting the single CSV.

All hosts are matching Windows Updates and use Sophos Cloud as the AV (C:ClusterStorage, vmms.exe and vmwp.exe set as Exceptions)

We use a Remote Desktop Service solution with thin clients for our end users, they share 3 Remote Desktop Session hosts which are shared over all three Hyper-V Hosts and 1 Gateway Server hosting everything connection-wise and Remote Desktop User Profile

What’s our Problem?

Roughly two weeks ago a disk failed in the SAN, causing a rebuild onto one of the host-spares.

At the point of the Failure - RDSGateway (RD Gateway server and User Profile Disk host) - was running on VMHost1. On this day all users of RDS was experiencing slowness issues (after the point of failure, it was running perfectly fine beforehand). We looking
into the Guest and noticed disk queue lengths through the roof for the User Profile Disk store - where obviously all AppData, etc lives for all users using RDS.

We put this down to "The array was in the process of rebuilding and causing the slowness issue whilst it rebuilt" however, the issue continued past the point of rebuild - so the disk array is now healthy, all other VM’s have no issues however RDSGateway,
running on VMHost1 will choke up.

How do we get this working?

We Live-Migrate the Guest "RDSGateway" from VMHost1 to VMHost2, and the issue with Disk lifts and immediately responds without issue. All users immediately return to normal operation and minimal latency and disk queue lengths return back below
1, hovering around 0.2 to 0.3 normally (when running on VMHost1, this sits around 15.0- 30.0).

What have I tried?

I’ve checked, "Get-ClusterSharedVolumeState" the CSV has direct communication with the SAN over all Hosts.

All hosts are using the provided Dell MPIO and all report multiple paths, I’ve confirmed Jumbo Frames are used across the board. Flow-Control is also in operation.

Windows Updates match across all hosts.

Correct Exceptions in place for RDSGateway (D:UserProfileDisks) to stop the scanning of UPD’s. (Sophos AV)

Reading;, I’ve turned off the IO Load Balancer on VMHost1 by setting the registry key "HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesStorVspIOBalance_Enabled (REG_DWORD)"
to 0. I then rebooted the Host, Shutdown RDSGateway, quick moved to VMHost1 and booted once more.

I simply see no differences between the three hosts, and I’m simply stuck as to what to try next - getting this running without issue on VMHost1.

Hopefully someone has some ideas?

Kind Regards,


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Hyper-V checkpoints: The selected virtual machine has no checkpoints

I have a VM on Hyper V that had around 10 checkpoints but post upgrading the VM’s configuration Version from 8.0 to 8.3, I cannot see any checkpoints for this VM. The checkpoint window says ‘The selected virtual machine has no checkpoints.’ When I browse
to the folder where all the checkpoints are stored (D:VM NameSnapshots) I can see all the checkpoints in that folder. But I can’t see them in the Checkpoints window of Hyper V.

I am running Windows 10 with Hyper V version 10.0.17134.1. The VM had Server 2012 R2 installed

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Server 2019 VM: Extremely Slow Internet Access

I installed Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition on a Dell server with 64gb and teamed NICs.  I imported VMs that I previously created with Windows Server 2016 (generation 2), and they work fine with no issues.  I created a new WS 2019 VM on
this machine which has one major issue: extremely slow internet access.  The problem is limited only to this VM.  I have checked all the settings, but I can’t figure out why internet downloads that take seconds on other VMs take hours on this one. 
Any help would be appreciated.

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Lenovo Yoga 910

I’ve used all the PowerShell and CDM to try to enable or activate Hyper-V, I’ve run it as an administrator and nothing happened I just get red codes

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature : Feature name Microsoft-Hyper-V is unknown.
At line:1 char:1
+ Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V  …
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature], COMException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Dism.Commands.EnableWindowsOptionalFeatureCommand 

ive copied the line of code straight from  and thats what i got if anybody can plase help me Id love it, thank you.

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any limits with hyper-v throughput?? High disk queue to SAN but network and SAN usage is low.

i have a 5 node Hyper-v cluster running server 2012 r2. I have always had a latency problems that we have never been able to solve. 

We took a second look at the fiber channel connection to the SAN and found a report that was stating that of the total bandwidth available each port was using less than 5%. there are 20 Servers per node and about 150 users in terminal server sessions so
that number should be much higher i would think.

The only thing we can think of is some limit set by windows/Hyper-v/Failover cluster manager for how much or how fast data can be written.

Is there such a thing or if anyone has any advice on where to check i would greatly appreciate it.

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"Hyper-V Hypervisor" and "Hyper-V Services" options in Windows 10. What do they do?

Hi all;

When enabling Hyper-V role in Windows 10, we have the following options:

  • Hyper-V Hypervisor
  • Hyper-V Services

As you know, non of them depends on each other, because we can select each one and the system does not show us any warnings or does not select the other option automatically. Now, my question is:

What does this options do by themselves?


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the thread.

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Get serial number/service tag of the host machine within Ubuntu guest VM (Hyper-V) machine.

How to get serial number/service tag of the host machine within Ubuntu guest VM (Hyper-V) machine?  The virtual machine (Ubuntu 16.04) is running on Hyper-V Windows 10 Pro.

Thanks in advance!

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Windows 10 VMs not showing interactive session from console but Windows 7 VMs do? Also VM locks when workstation locks?


1. When using Hyper-V manager to connect to our server we can see the Win7 VMs when someone is logged into them. We only see the lock screen on Win10 VM when someone is logged in.

2. If the workstation running Hyper-v manager locks and someone else has a remote connection running inside the Hyper-V Win10 VM, that connection is affected. This does not occur in the Win7 VMs.

I compared VM level settings and am not seeing anything different short of storage location. I assume it is an OS related setting.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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hype v help

hey I was making a ubuntu vm. I went though the wizard and then it said it needed to shut down but it didn’t so I pressed stop service and it deleted or got rid of my two machines, I had a windows one as well.

please help!

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