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Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure—It Keeps Getting Better!

Don&#rsquo;t you love it when a good thing just gets even better? Like when your smartphone can double as your SLR camera or your thermostat can also water the plants. We at VMware definitely do and recently worked our magic on our VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™.

Earlier this year, we announced the Horizon Cloud service. Horizon Cloud is a software service from VMware that allows customers to easily and cost-effectively deploy cloud-hosted or on-premises virtual desktops and apps to any device, anywhere. Now, as more and more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy to leverage &#rsquo;best-fit&#rdquo; cloud capabilities, avoid cloud vulnerability and optimize cost, they face new challenges of moving between clouds and inefficiencies of operating multiple solutions. Wouldn&#rsquo;t it be nice to have a desktop virtualization service that could also easily span clouds and enable a mix and match of public and private clouds based on business needs?

The Horizon Cloud team has been working hard on this, and we are delighted to offer a solution with Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure! Each is great separately, but together they are amazing. Horizon Cloud comes from the leader in desktop and app virtualization. Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing public cloud provider today, available in 38 regions across the globe, not to mention the natural choice for organizations relying on Windows-based applications and enterprise applications like Microsoft Office 365.

Upcoming Features for Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure allows you to bring your own, existing Microsoft Azure infrastructure capacity and pair it with the Horizon Cloud service. Here are some of the exciting features you can expect:

  • Application & Session Desktop Delivery
    • Ability to publish and manage RDS-hosted applications and desktops on Microsoft Azure while leveraging on-premises and cloud resources
  • Graphics Visualization
    • Superior graphics capabilities to visualize graphic-intensive workflows on Microsoft Azure GPUs
  • Cloud-Based Management Console
    • Intuitive Horizon Cloud management console to manage remote desktops, apps and users in one place
    • Built-in monitoring service with logs, notifications and analytics
  • Hybrid Architecture
    • Support for both Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure and Horizon Cloud on AzureMicrosoft Azure, in a single solution
  • User Experience & Access
    • Identity-based end-user catalog access via VMware Workspace ONE
    • Secure remote access for end users with integrated VMware Unified Access Gateway
    • Support for Blast Extreme, Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport (BEAT) protocol, Skype for Business and much more
  • Power Management
    • Ability to track and manage Microsoft Azure capacity consumption to keep costs low
  • Support
    • Enterprise-grade, 24-7 support from VMware for the Horizon Cloud service

Benefits of Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Built from the ground up as a cloud-native, multi-tenant solution, Horizon Cloud combines organically with Microsoft Azure to provide the following benefits:

  • Multi-Cloud Deployments
    • Flexibility to choose between cloud capacity managed by VMware or bring-your-own infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
  • Low-Cost, Hourly Billing for Microsoft Azure Capacity
    • Ability to pair consumption-based pricing on public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Horizon Cloud service subscription
  • Global Footprint
    • Single instance to manage deployments across Microsoft&#rsquo;s 38 data center regions over the globe
  • Easy Deployment
    • Automated deployment of Horizon Cloud service components
    • Integration with Microsoft Azure Marketplace to allow importing a Windows Server image on which the necessary agents get automatically applied
  • Simplified Management
    • Horizon Cloud always maintained at latest versions
    • Under five-minutes, self-scheduled upgrades for components on Microsoft Azure via Blue-Green upgrades
  • Superior Architecture
    • Multi-tenant architecture built for the cloud
    • Cloud control plane separate from the data path, avoiding unnecessary latency and maintaining business continuity
    • Unified Access Gateway deployed automatically in Microsoft Azure
  • Simple Offer
    • Remote published desktops and applications offered in one simple offer
    • Unified Access Gateway included in offer
    • VMware User Environment Manager included in offer

Over the last few months, we have been working with our customers and partners to shape the Horizon Cloud service and its capabilities. We also launched a private beta program to solicit feedback, and it has been great to see that our customers share our excitement.

&#rsquo;VMware and Microsoft Azure, a match made in the Cloud. The ability to deliver applications in the cloud will allow us to continue to stay flexible to deliver the services that our customers and partners expect.&#rdquo;
—Technical Architect for store and corporate user computing in a large U.S. pharmacy chain looking for desktop virtualization


&#rsquo;I think Horizon Cloud is the way to go … Great evolution of moving in this direction.&#rdquo;
—Solutions Architect for a healthcare company migrating from on-premises to the cloud

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Demo at VMworld

Now that you&#rsquo;ve&#rsquo; read this, you might be wondering how you can see this in action. Well, check out our session at VMworld 2017, where we will be giving a demonstration of Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. You will learn how you can combine the benefits of remote desktops and applications as a service from VMware with the flexibility to choose a public, consumption-based IaaS like Microsoft Azure, making it easier and more cost-effective to deploy and scale your digital workspace.

Building a Multi-Cloud Strategy with Horizon Cloud Service

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We hope to see you there soon!

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VMware Horizon Cloud comes to Microsoft Azure

At VMware, we&#rsquo;ve always been intent on giving our customers as many options and as much flexibility as possible when it comes to their IT environment.

Our latest commitment to that cause, is delivering VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, helping our customers to bring VMware virtual desktops and applications to the increasing global presence of Microsoft Azure in the enterprise, which is now available in 38 regions globally.

Bringing together one of the fastest growing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers with the industry&#rsquo;s leading app and desktop cloud services offering gives our customers several infrastructure options with the flexibility to move between different platforms – all part of our cross-cloud strategy.

But what does this all mean?
Well, customers can now connect Azure IaaS to Horizon Cloud to deliver and manage Horizon virtual desktops and applications. This is ideal for organisations with an Azure subscription, but also for customers that want the flexibility to switch their deployment options from other public cloud services if use cases change, employees move or economics shift – thanks to Horizon Cloud&#rsquo;s ability to use a single cloud control plane. The VMware and Microsoft integration can also help our customers accelerate their move to Windows 10.

As ever, our solutions provide customers with options. In fact, only Horizon Cloud offers this flexible scale-out of virtual desktops and applications. For example, it can offer fully managed public cloud infrastructure for those companies looking to outsource management of infrastructure to the cloud for a desktop-as-a-service experience, or it can offer bring your own on-premises infrastructure with Hyper-converged Infrastructure appliances for those organisations that want greater control over their virtual desktop infrastructure – particularly those with tight security or performance requirements.

VMware continues to innovate and cater for all of our customers&#rsquo; needs.

We expect VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure to be available in the second half of 2017.

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VMworld Is Coming Soon. Which Cloud Sessions Will You Attend?

As the dog days of summer begin to wane, the excitement and anticipation of VMworld 2017 begins to rise. Customers wait with bated breath to hear the latest VMware announcements and listen to industry experts. VMware speakers and staff gear up to demonstrate the latest and greatest features and share our vision for the future. And it goes without saying that everyone is ready to party with customers and partners in Las Vegas, Aug. 28–31, at the Mandalay Bay resort and in Barcelona, Sept. 11–14, at the Fira Gran Via exhibition center.

Cloud computing will be bigger than ever at this year&#rsquo;s event: How cloud enables the digital workspace, reduces infrastructure and management costs, secures the enterprise and offers organizations flexible deployment options across public and private clouds.

You have hundreds of cloud-centric sessions to choose from. Here is our top 10 list of sessions that you won&#rsquo;t want to miss.

  1. Accelerate the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS
    VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings VMware&#rsquo;s enterprise-class software-defined data center software to the AWS cloud . The solution enables customers to run production applications across VMware vSphere-based private, public and hybrid environments, and quickly derive value instant business value from the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud experience. Learn how VMware Cloud on AWS can power your business at this spotlight session.
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  2. Building a Multicloud Strategy with Horizon Cloud Service
    Organizations are adopting multiple clouds at the same time, and relying on services from a mix of private and public clouds. In this breakout session, you will learn about the VMware Horizon Cloud Service and how it provides a virtual desktop and application service that allows you to mix multiple clouds for a best-fit solution.
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  3. Modernize Management with JMP Technologies in VMware Horizon—and Take a Look at Where We Are Headed
    Why and how should you modernize application and desktop management on premises and in the cloud? Take a look at the VMware Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP) and what&#rsquo;s next.
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  4. Deliver Any App, Any Desktop, Anywhere in the World Using VMware Blast Extreme
    More and more, your users need to deliver apps and desktops from the public cloud while delivering a rich user experience on any device. Blast Extreme is designed to deliver the best possible user experience to almost any device you need to use and under almost any network condition from corporate LAN to the mobile internet. We&#rsquo;ll provide a deep dive into the Blast Extreme protocol and how it works from graphic processing unit optimization to advanced networking, how it compares to other protocols, and how to monitor it to suit your needs.
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  5. The Transformation of Identity and Access Management in the Age of the Digital Workspace
    In the age of the digital workspace, how do you maintain a balance between end-user productivity and security? We believe the industry needs to evolve to focus on controlling access based on a new access control layer. In this Spotlight Session, the VMware leadership team will discuss how VMware Workspace ONE is built on a powerful access control layer that is dynamic, based on context. The team will share key announcements, customer adoption and next steps you can take with Workspace ONE.
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  6. Securing Access and Protecting Information in Office 365 with Workspace ONE
    As organizations move to Microsoft Office 365, they face the challenge of end-users accessing Office apps and corporate data from unmanaged and unsecure devices. In this session, we&#rsquo;ll cover how new Workspace ONE innovations help you drastically simplify the deployment of Office 365 and protect your sensitive information that is stored in corporate email, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint.
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  7. The Evolution of Endpoint Management within a Digital Workspace
    Noah Wasmer, SVP of mobile products at VMware, will share his perspective on the evolution of endpoint management into a device-agnostic platform, enabling a smarter and more secure workspace for your business. He&#rsquo;ll turn the spotlight on our customers to share their journeys to radically transform PC management, unify management from desktops to the Internet of Things (IoT) and transform digital experiences for both users and IT.
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  8. Focus on What Matters for MDM with Intelligent Analytics Delivered by AirWatch
    Your organization relies on VMware AirWatch to manage countless devices, apps, users, and more. Whether your focus is on driving bring-your-own-device adoption, optimizing app performance, or planning for a new iOS deployment, we’ve added more custom reports, data visualizations, and analytic capabilities to help measure your impact. Sign up for this session to learn where to find your data, how to design your own custom reports, and how to get actionable insights.
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  9. Cut the Cost with Cloud-First, Scalable Windows Software Distribution
    Deploying Windows 10? You likely have a variety of applications to deliver to users: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Win32, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and virtual. We&#rsquo;ll show you how to reduce bandwidth, infrastructure and labor costs with AirWatch software distribution capabilities for Windows.
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  10. Simple, Agile, Secure: VMware Cloud Foundation, the Next-Generation Hybrid Cloud Platform
    Did you know application modernization is now a key driver of new business innovation and growth? To meet new demands, you must transform your infrastructure. You need VMware Cloud Foundation, a hybrid cloud platform that combines highly dynamic infrastructure services with cloud management and lifecycle to deliver agile, easy-to-operate infrastructure-as-a-service for your virtual machines (VMs) and containers.
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For complete details on these cloud-centric sessions, as well as other powerful sessions at VMworld 2017, head to the VMworld U.S. and VMworld Europe content catalogs. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and Barcelona.

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Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure – July 2017 Technical Updates

There are several technical updates to the VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure this quarter. The updates for this release focus on expanding capabilities from the initial release in February. VMware will contact all customers individually to schedule the upgrade of their tenant(s) to the new release (17.1). For more details on this release, see the Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure 17.1 Release Notes.

New Data Center Availability Added!

VMware is continuing its partnership with IBM to bring VMware Horizon Cloud Service to more regions. Since Februrary, we have added capabilities to host Horizon Cloud in the United Kingdom (May), Germany (June) and in California (July). We now have three data centers in the U.S., one in Japan, and two in Europe. The Horizon Cloud team will continueto add more data centers in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Native Applications with App Volumes Technology Is Generally Available

In February, we enabled a few select customers to use VMware App Volumes technology to create and leverage AppStacks in Horizon Cloud. This feature is now generally available to any customer who requests it. Note that add-on storage is required to use this feature. If you are a HorizonCloud customer and would like to use Native Applications powered by App Volumes technology, consult with your VMware sales team.

Smart Policies Support

You can now leverage Smart Policies in Horizon Cloud. Smart Policies allow you to have fine-grain control over a user&#rsquo;s desktop experience. You can dynamically enable, disable, or control access to user features in Horizon Cloud based on who the user is, and how they are accessing Horizon Cloud. Smart Policies were released as an integration between VMwareHorizon 7 and VMware User Environment Manager in 2016.

For example, with Smart Policies, an administrator can decide to disable access to USB devices or to cut-and-paste from within the Horizon Client if a user is attempting to access the HorizonCloud environment from an untrusted or external network. You can also dynamically control display-protocol configurations based on the type of device that is being used.

Smart Policies in Horizon Cloud work the same as they do in Horizon 7. VMware Senior Product Line Manager Aaron Black wrote an excellent blog post pointing out some great use cases for Smart Policies. If you want to try out Smart Policies in your Horizon Cloud deployment, download the Reviewers Guide for View in VMware Horizon 7: Smart Policies.

Windows Server 2016 Support

Horizon Cloud continues to provide support for customers wanting to use the latest editions of Windows operating systems. With this release, Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure now supports Windows Server 2016 for RDSH hosts and for skinned Windows Server based virtual desktops. For full details on OS support in Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure, see the Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure Service Description document, which can be found in the Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure Terms of Service page.

Horizon Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business Support

Full support for the Horizon® Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business isreleased for Windows clientswith Horizon Cloud. This solution enables customers to use Skype for Business within Horizon desktops to make optimized audio-video calls and telephony features using the native Skype client. Please note that this functionality is only available on VDI desktops today, but will be made available on RDSH desktops / apps in the future. Details on what features are supported with this release can be found in the release notes for Horizon 7.2.

Enhanced Troubleshooting Capabilities through Console Access (BETA)

We have added more troubleshooting features to the Horizon Air Console Access - HACA tool. HACA, which is currently in Beta,gives administrators direct access to individual desktop consoles for troubleshooting purposes. The tool has been enhanced to allow administratorsthe abilitytotroubleshootvirtual machines that get stuck during the Windows OS startup process, before the Horizon Agent starts.

Horizon Agent 7.2 / Client 4.5 Support

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure supports the latest Horizon clients and agents. Organizations can take advantage of new feature enhancements in the latest clients including enhanced security with Blast Extreme with support of SHA-256 encryption. You can download the latest clients from the Horizon Clientdownload page.

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This Week’s Top EUC News Will Blow Your Mind

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&#rsquo;Microsoft Azure users now have access to genuine desktop as a service solution.&#rdquo;

That&#rsquo;s SiliconANGLE on our huge news this week: We&#rsquo;re delivering VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. By connecting Azure to the Horizon Cloud control plane, our joint customers are empowered with more flexibility to deliver virtual desktops and apps. Get the FAQs here.

&#rsquo;Our customers have their preference of public cloud offerings and should be able to choose the industry leader in desktop and app virtualization regardless of that cloud preference.&#rdquo;
—Dave Grant, VP of Product Marketing for VMware End-User Computing, at VMware Radius

Plus, using Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure? Here&#rsquo;s what&#rsquo;s new for you.

The digital workspace just upped its IQ.

VMware also announced the acquisition of Apteligent this week and the integration of the mobile app intelligence solution into our digital workspace platform. Read the juicy details here.

&#rsquo;The Apteligent platform enables both mobile app developers and IT organizations to analyze mobile application performance in real time, enabling them to understand user behavior to address the issues that matter the most—and directly impact business and revenue.&#rdquo;
—Sumit Dhawan, VMware EUC SVP & GM of Desktop Products & Solutions

Forget stereotypes. We&#rsquo;re all Generation Digital.

Millennials aren&#rsquo;t the only generation demanding mobile technology at work. Employees of all ages recently said mobile tech makes them more productive (60%), more creative (45%) and more satisfied at work (53%). Read more in this new VMware Radius series.

It&#rsquo;s a &#rsquo;privilege&#rdquo; to meet you, VMware User Environment Manager 9.2.

User Environment Manager (UEM) essentially separates a user&#rsquo;s personality from the underlying Windows machine, said Andy Morris, virtualizing their preferences. Version 9.2 offers a cool new trick: User privilege elevation. Here&#rsquo;s what it does.

Plus, watch these six videos for a technical deep dive into UEM 9.2.

And IT lived happily ever after.

User satisfaction is up, and costs are down at Memorial Healthcare after the hospital deployed VMware NSX, VMware AirWatch and Horizon. Hear their digital clinical workspace story.

&#rsquo;I don&#rsquo;t think there&#rsquo;s much within our infrastructure that VMware hasn&#rsquo;t enabled.&#rdquo;
—Thomas Kurtz, Ph. D, VP of Information Services & CIO for Memorial Healthcare

Let&#rsquo;s talk tech.

  • Citrix Synergy, May 23–25 in Orlando (VMware booth 309)
  • VMware SociaLabs—Horizon 7 & AirWatch, May 23 (San Diego), June 6 (Reston) & June 20 (Halifax)
  • Boston Summer VMUG UserCon, June 1
  • Unlocking Mobility with Derived Credentials &AirWatch, June 23 online
  • VMworld 2017, Aug. 27–31 in Vegas

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Get Ready for VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Businesses today are increasingly mobile, globally distributed and fast paced. While this increasingly diverse workforce expects a consumer-simple interface for accessing work data and applications, IT faces the same challenge as before: securing the enterprise. The number one question facing organizations is:

How can I ensure my users are productive, while securing data and driving down costs?

VMware works with Microsoft to deliver enterprise collaboration solutions that enhance user experience and productivity, while delivering on the promise of a more secure enterprise. Last fall, we teamed up with Microsoft to deliver an optimized experience for Skype for Business on VMware Horizon.

Concurrently, VMware supports our customers&#rsquo; migration to Windows 10 with desktop virtualization and endpoint management with VMware AirWatch. Solutions such as VMware Workspace ONE help organizations simplify Windows 10 device management. Horizon application and desktop virtualization so