Himss 2017: Modernization Security Mobility Innovation, and Socks

Himss 2017 was an engaging conference for the VMware team. Conversations with curious customers and conference attendees, enthusiastic booth staff, and exceptional speakers provided significant opportunities for networking and learning for all.


VMware hosted &#rsquo;THE WORLDS&#rsquo; MOST FAMOUS HACKER&#rdquo; – Kevin Mitnick – in our booth doing live hacking demonstrations and drawing attention to some of the ways hackers penetrate physically and socially. Mitnick&#rsquo;s way of explaining everything in relatable terms resonated with the record crowds. His live demonstration of hacking reminded the observers of the need for vigilance and a defense in depth approach.


In the booth, VMware showcased the unique narrative enabling healthcare Modernization, Security, Mobility and Innovation. With the Microsoft Hololens virtual reality glasses managed and secured by VMware Airwatch, healthcare practitioners were able to get a glimpse of the future with a secure training experience. Amazon&#rsquo;s Echo was used to obtain metrics from vRealize Operations, providing a new way to consume data, and manage environments. VMware&#rsquo;s LIoTA agent demonstrated managing Healthcare Internet of Things devices, providing data in real time with full analytics.


Finally, one of the most unforgettable moments was our VMware healthcare socks giveaway. Visitors to the VMware booth were treated to a pair of our inaugural VMware healthcare socks. We asked wearers to post their sock pictures along their #HITJourney, seeing pictures next to pools, all around the conference, and even in cars on the way home. This was one of the most lighthearted parts of the conference; talking, laughing, and having fun with other attendees, and building great connections. If you were able to make the conference, please post pictures of yourself in the VMware healthcare socks with the hashtag #HITJourney on your social media. If not, ask your Healthcare Account team about how you can show off a pair of your own VMware healthcare socks, join our #HITJourney.

Check out more about Himss on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and while you are there, tell us where your #HITJourney is taking you.

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