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This Week’s Top EUC News Will Blow Your Mind

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&#rsquo;Microsoft Azure users now have access to genuine desktop as a service solution.&#rdquo;

That&#rsquo;s SiliconANGLE on our huge news this week: We&#rsquo;re delivering VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. By connecting Azure to the Horizon Cloud control plane, our joint customers are empowered with more flexibility to deliver virtual desktops and apps. Get the FAQs here.

&#rsquo;Our customers have their preference of public cloud offerings and should be able to choose the industry leader in desktop and app virtualization regardless of that cloud preference.&#rdquo;
—Dave Grant, VP of Product Marketing for VMware End-User Computing, at VMware Radius

Plus, using Horizon Cloud with on-premises infrastructure? Here&#rsquo;s what&#rsquo;s new for you.

The digital workspace just upped its IQ.

VMware also announced the acquisition of Apteligent this week and the integration of the mobile app intelligence solution into our digital workspace platform. Read the juicy details here.

&#rsquo;The Apteligent platform enables both mobile app developers and IT organizations to analyze mobile application performance in real time, enabling them to understand user behavior to address the issues that matter the most—and directly impact business and revenue.&#rdquo;
—Sumit Dhawan, VMware EUC SVP & GM of Desktop Products & Solutions

Forget stereotypes. We&#rsquo;re all Generation Digital.

Millennials aren&#rsquo;t the only generation demanding mobile technology at work. Employees of all ages recently said mobile tech makes them more productive (60%), more creative (45%) and more satisfied at work (53%). Read more in this new VMware Radius series.

It&#rsquo;s a &#rsquo;privilege&#rdquo; to meet you, VMware User Environment Manager 9.2.

User Environment Manager (UEM) essentially separates a user&#rsquo;s personality from the underlying Windows machine, said Andy Morris, virtualizing their preferences. Version 9.2 offers a cool new trick: User privilege elevation. Here&#rsquo;s what it does.

Plus, watch these six videos for a technical deep dive into UEM 9.2.

And IT lived happily ever after.

User satisfaction is up, and costs are down at Memorial Healthcare after the hospital deployed VMware NSX, VMware AirWatch and Horizon. Hear their digital clinical workspace story.

&#rsquo;I don&#rsquo;t think there&#rsquo;s much within our infrastructure that VMware hasn&#rsquo;t enabled.&#rdquo;
—Thomas Kurtz, Ph. D, VP of Information Services & CIO for Memorial Healthcare

Let&#rsquo;s talk tech.

  • Citrix Synergy, May 23–25 in Orlando (VMware booth 309)
  • VMware SociaLabs—Horizon 7 & AirWatch, May 23 (San Diego), June 6 (Reston) & June 20 (Halifax)
  • Boston Summer VMUG UserCon, June 1
  • Unlocking Mobility with Derived Credentials &AirWatch, June 23 online
  • VMworld 2017, Aug. 27–31 in Vegas

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Google’s New OS, Win10 VR Tech & Breaking VDI Product News

Also in top tech news this week: smarter Chromebook management, Android in the enterprise, separating work/personal and more.

Peekaboo, I see … the new Google OS.

Top Tech News shared their first impressions following a sneak peek of Google&#rsquo;s new operating system (OS) &#rsquo;Fuchsia.&#rdquo; Writer Jeff Cozza called the new OS a &#rsquo;non-Linux-based system that seems to be designed with mobile devices in mind. Nevertheless, the OS could eventually replace both the company&#rsquo;s Android mobile OS and its Chrome OS.&#rdquo;

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Speaking of Google.

&#rsquo;With Workspace ONE on Chromebooks, IT administrators benefit from additional security capabilities that enable the easy deployment, configuration, and security of web, applications, and Android applications.&#rdquo;
—Jeff McGrath, VMware End-User Computing (EUC)

At Dell EMC World 2017 earlier this week, VMware announced an expanded partnership with Google focused on helping accelerate Chromebook adoption in the enterprise. Leveraging VMware AirWatch-based unified endpoint management capabilities built into the Workspace ONE platform, Chromebook management with VMware now offers single sign-on (SSO) to any app plus simplified IT management. Many more capabilities come from the integration. Dive in here.

And speaking of Dell EMC World…

What a wonderful VDI world.

Dell and VMware dropped the innovation mic at Dell EMC World, including some awesome news for VDI fans. Our own Brigitte Skakkebaek reported the big news in her blog, Introducing Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions. The major highlights of this integration includes:

  • All-in-one desktop and virtualization bundles powered by VMware Horizon.
  • Full validated and tested to lower risk and reduce complexity.
  • Everything you need to get started for $8/user/month.

&#rsquo;All of these factors—the bundle discount, monthly payment options and ability to confidently start small—contribute to a much lower up front cost to get started with VDI,&#rdquo; Brigitte wrote.

Dive into the VDI product news here.

Want to see all the VMware news from Dell EMC World? Check out this great highlights blog, including VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger&#rsquo;s keynote replay and a candid interview with Michael Dell.

Quote of the Week

“Mobilizing critical business processes is at the core of both of our organizations’ DNA and this collaboration will help us advance this shared vision for our customers and their end users alike,” said Sanjay Poonen, chief operating officer, customer operations, VMware.“We’re proud to come together with Oracle to make it easier for IT administrators to secure and manage these critical mobile apps and help their end users seamlessly access them from any endpoint.”

Read all the details about the Oracle and VMware announcement here.

Windows 10 gets all e-motion-al.

CNET wearable tech reporter Scott Stein broke down Microsoft&#rsquo;s news that Windows 10 VR motion controllers are hitting the market &#rsquo;this holiday.&#rdquo;

&#rsquo;The controllers — which we haven’t used — look a lot like the Oculus Touch controllers mixed with Vive controllers at first glance, with a thumb stick like the Touch, a touchpad like the Vive and a wand-like design with a tracking ring on the end.&#rdquo;

Read the full story here.

You gotta keep it separated.

In case you missed it, a new Android came to work last month. Thanks to new innovations to the enterprise capabilities and support from VMware AirWatch, end users are thrilled with the new divide between personal and work data on their devices. Bhavesh Kumar shares gifs and how-to&#rsquo;s for quick provisioning, secure authentication, simple access to work apps and more.

3BD/2BA with security and simplicity.

Home of the University of Texas at Austin, major businesses and great barbecue joints, Travis County, Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. The entity that determines property taxes there, Travis County Central Appraisal District (TCAD), saw its workloads grow along with the population. Watch TCAD&#rsquo;s innovative digital transformation story in our latest customer video here.

Knowledge is power.

Check out these great upcoming events to get your learning on:

  • Taking GPU-Powered Desktops to the Cloud with VMware & NVIDIA, May 17 online
  • Citrix Synergy, May 23-25 in Orlando. Visit us at booth 309.
  • VMware SociaLabs, May 23 (San Diego), June 6 (Reston) & June 20 (Halifax)
  • Boston Summer VMUG UserCon, June 1
  • Unlocking Mobility with Derived Credentials & VMware AirWatch, June 23 online
  • VMworld 2017, Aug. 27–31 in Vegas

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Top EUC News: Password Misery, Windows 10 S & Dell EMC World, Oh My!

Here&#rsquo;s the first edition of our new series, top end-user computing (EUC) news! Sign up at the top of this page to get the weekly newsletter in your inbox every Friday.

The password is …

We released the results of a new VMware survey this week that revealed companies&#rsquo; top 10 identity and access management (IAM) challenges. At the top of the list, IT and business pros said password management gives them the biggest heebie-jeebies. Here are three big takeaways from the IAM research.

+Watch how to simplify app and access management with VMware Workspace ONE.

Quote of the Week

&#rsquo;The days of being able to secure data sitting on a machine are long gone. Even if you could ensure all devices were properly secured and adhere to corporate standards, you need multiple different tool sets to manage across the different platforms. It&#rsquo;s too complex. Security needs to follow the user, so it can adapt to their context of use—not be tied to individual assets.&#rdquo;
—Dave Grant, vice president of product and technical marketing at VMware, talks securing the digital workspace.

There&#rsquo;s a new Windows 10 on the block.

Microsoft announced the new Windows 10 S operating system (OS), now supported by VMware. With VMware Workspace ONE, you can accelerate and better secure your Windows 10 S deployments, modernize management and redefine the user experience. Decode Windows 10 S here.

+Here&#rsquo;s how to integrate Azure Active Directory (AD) Join with Workspace ONE.

Ever dreamed of being in the CIO Hall of Fame?

This guy is living that dream. named Bask Iyer, our CIO for VMware and Dell, to their list of 2017 inductees. Bask drives digital transformation not only for our customers but also for our workforce—from apps to find offices and car charging stations to vending machines for employee technology. Read more about it at VMware Radius and Direct2Dell.


What is micro-segmentation, and what the heck does it have to do with managing endpoints? Get the scoop on VMware NSX, and learn how to integrate the network virtualization and security platform with VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management.

It&#rsquo;s on!

We&#rsquo;re just days away from the start of a mammoth tech conference—Dell EMC World. If you&#rsquo;ll be in Vegas, make your way to these EUC events next week:

  • 1143—memorize that number, and stop by our booth to explore our solutions, see how to simplify the digital workspace with VMware Horizon on VxRail and learn about complete Dell PC management with VMware AirWatch.
  • Take a seat in our IT Leadership and Technology track sessions on: Dell Client Command Suite & VMware AirWatch, endpoint security, Windows 10 management and desktop virtualization.
  • The next wave of innovation in mobile-cloud technology is here, and our CEO Pat Gelsinger will give you a glimpse Tuesday in his joint session, &#rsquo;Realize Transformation.&#rdquo;

What&#rsquo;s Next

  • Dell EMC World, Booth 1143, May 8–11 in Vegas
  • Taking GPU-Powered Desktops to the Cloud with VMware & NVIDIA, May 17 online
  • Citrix Synergy, Booth 309, May 23-25 in Orlando
  • VMware SociaLabs—Horizon 7 & AirWatch, May 23 (San Diego), June 6 (Reston) & June 20 (Halifax)
  • Boston Summer VMUG UserCon, June 1
  • Unlocking Mobility with Derived Credentials & VMware AirWatch, June 23 online
  • VMworld 2017, Aug. 27–31 in Vegas

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