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Add These 4 EUC Sessions to Your VMworld U.S. Agenda

Join These Sessions Dedicated to the Digital Workspace, Mobility, Desktop Virtualization & App Management

With hundreds of VMworld U.S. 2017 breakout sessions, panels, labs and discussion groups—led by the top subject-matter experts—here are four can&#rsquo;t miss end-user computing (EUC) keynotes and spotlight sessions to add to your VMworld 2017 session builder. Our experts will help you take your EUC expertise to the next level with deep dives into:

  • Next-gen digital workspace strategies and technologies.
  • Unified endpoint management (UEM) with VMware Workspace ONE and VMware AirWatch
  • Application and access management via Workspace ONE
  • App and desktop virtualization with Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon

Check out the complete Content Catalog for all details on sessions at VMworld U.S.! Search the Empower the Digital Workspace track for all the EUC at VMworld content.

Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces

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In this showcase keynote, you will hear from customers, partners and innovators who use intelligence to transform the way their organizations securely empower the workforce. Learn how IT organizations create digital workspace strategies to harness the power of new apps, devices and connected things to transform business processes and drive productivity for every employee.

This session is highly recommended for those attending VMware AirWatch, VMware Horizon and/or VMware Workspace ONE product sessions throughout the week.

Unify Endpoint Management

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Join the Evolution of Endpoint Management within a Digital Workspace spotlight session with VMware’s SVP of mobility, Noah Wasmer, and IT leaders from Siemens AG and Capital One. Hear how organizations just like yours radically transform PC management to unify management across all devices—from desktops to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Simplify App & Access Management

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Expand your knowledge in the spotlight session The Transformation of Identity and Access Management in the Age of the Digital Workspace. The VMware leadership team will discuss how VMware Workspace ONE is built on a powerful access control layer that is dynamic and based on context. This access control layer in Workspace ONE transforms how organizations implement access control without compromising end-user experience.

App & Desktop Virtualization

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Attend the Spotlight Session: Goodbye Legacy VDI. Hello Dynamic VDI for the Digital Workspace- A Modern Approach to Planning, Building, Running and Securing Virtual Desktops and Apps as Part of Your Customized Digital Workspace. Join this session with Shankar Iyer, VMware SVP and GM of desktop products, and special guests to find out how VMware brings dynamic VDI and your end-to-end digital workspace to life.

It’s Not Too Late to Join Us at VMworld!

VMworld U.S. and Barcelona promise to be the top conference of the year for EUC enthusiasts and experts alike. From Hands-On Labs to unprecedented access to VMware EUC leaders, you will return to your office as the go-to source for all-things digital workspace, VDI and mobility.

It’s not too late to sign up to experience EUC at VMworld. Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Convince your boss with this customizable letter.
  • Register for the U.S. event.
  • Register for the Barcelona event.
  • Plan your travel to Las Vegas or Barcelona.
  • Sign up for EUC sessions, HOLs and certifications.

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Gartner: VMware Scores Highest in 3 Use Cases

This blog was updated on May 22,2017, with the latest information about the Device Enrollment Program from Apple. Join the conversation on Twitter using #iOSinBusiness.

What is the Device Enrollment Program from Apple?

The Device Enrollment Program provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned Mac, iOS or tvOS devices. With a mobile device management (MDM) and unified endpoint management solution like VMware AirWatch, IT can:

  • Customize device settings;
  • Activate and supervise devices over the air; and
  • Enable users to setup their own devices out of the box.

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What IT challenges does the Device Enrollment Program help address?

The Device Enrollment Program solves several critical requirements for corporate-owned devices. First, organizations save time and money by eliminating high-touch processes for IT. DEP takes configuration time to zero. Deployment of corporate-owned devices with DEP means zero-touch configuration for IT, eliminates staging and automates device configuration.

Second, onboarding iOS or macOS devices is streamlined for users. Based on the settings IT configured, users are prompted through Setup Assistant (skipping through any unnecessary screens). Users only need to authenticate and don&#rsquo;t need to be tech savvy to get the content, apps and email they need on their smartphones.

Finally, supervising iOS devices over the air is possible with the DEP. With supervision, administrators have more control over the device and can disable features like AirDrop, the App Store and account modification. They can also enable features like password protection. Also, the MDM profile cannot be removed, which eliminates the possibility of un-enrollment to protect data and investments in devices and provides the best user experience possible.

What role does AirWatch play in Apple&#rsquo;s Device Enrollment Program?

To utilize the Device Enrollment Program, MDM capabilities like those part of VMware AirWatch are required. AirWatch integrates with the Device Enrollment Program, enabling organizations to automatically import devices in the console based on order history. Then, administrators can easily configure settings, apply profiles, assign applications and set restrictions that will apply automatically when users unbox devices.

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How can I join the Device Enrollment Program from Apple?

First, enroll with Apple and register your organization&#rsquo;s information to create an account and designate your administrators. Next, configure your device settings and Setup Assistant steps in the AirWatch console. You then can ship devices directly to your users.

For more information, check out Apple&#rsquo;s Device Enrollment Program Guide.

What are the device requirements for the Apple Device Enrollment Program?

The devices must be corporate-owned and purchased directly from Apple or through participating Apple Authorized Resellers.*

*The Device Enrollment Program may not be supported by all Apple Authorized Resellers and carriers.

Where is the Device Enrollment Program available?

The Device Enrollment Program is available in 34 countries: Australia,Austria,Belgium,Brazil,Canada,Czech Republic,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany, Greece,Hong Kong,Hungary,India,Ireland,Italy,Japan,Luxembourg,Mexico,Netherlands, NewZealand,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Singapore,South Africa,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland, Taiwan,Turkey,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom andUnitedStates.

What’s available for education with the Device Enrollment Program from Apple?

Both Apple and AirWatch give special consideration to unique education use cases. With Apple School Manager (ASM), Apple has delivered a central place for account creation, role definitions and content purchases. To support ASM, AirWatch designed a console section for education to setup mobile deployments and streamline management of teachers, students, classes, apps and more—whether you have a 1:1 or shared device deployment. After importing data from Apple School Manager, use AirWatch to:

  • Match devices with students or classes;
  • Assign applications (to users or devices); and
  • Configure the new Classroom application, allowing teachers to guide learning on iPads.

Students quickly choose the device with their photo displayed once their teacher has started the class.

Visit and to learn more about the Device Enrollment Program.


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Announcing the VMware Workspace ONE Dev Center on VMware {code}

Developers and app enthusiasts rejoice! We are excited to announce that VMware {code}&#rsquo;s latest addition: the VMware Workspace ONE Dev Center! VMware {code} will now host a wealth of ongoing developer focused content and support for Workspace ONE and VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM).

As we look at customer&#rsquo;s top-of-mind IT initiatives and trends, we consistently see a need for enabling employees with consumer simple and secure experiences that drive productivity. The Workspace ONE Dev Center helps enable enterprise developers to easily add enterprise security and management features and improve the mobile app experience.

Within the Workspace ONE Dev Center, developers will find in-depth overviews of how to securely integrate their enterprise mobile apps with Workspace ONE for:

  • Single sign-on (SSO);
  • Application passcode;
  • App tunneling;
  • Data leakage protection; and
  • More.

The resource section will include sample code, product updates, tutorials and other developer-friendly documentation updated on an ongoing basis.

Keeping Up with the Workspace ONE Developer Community

Our product teams consistently focus on making it easier for developers to build additional security, user experience enhancements and productivity workflows into enterprise mobile apps. The Workspace ONE Dev Center will have an ongoing blog series targeted toward developers, which will feature updates on releases, new sample code and tutorials, enterprise developer insights and more.

Get Involved: Join VMware {code} Alongside Nearly 3,800 Developers & Experts

VMware {code} has the fastest-growing developer community devoted to virtualization, cloud computing, DevOps and other topics. When you join VMware {code}, you have the opportunity to connect with VMware experts in the community and participate in outreach programs, including the VMware {code} Speaker Bureau. Sign up now.

Jump into the Conversation on Slack

Anyone who signs up for VMware {code} automatically receives a personal Slack invite within seconds. The VMware {code} communityalready has over 2,500 participants on Slack. Join todayand receive your personal Slack invite.

Want to learn more about Workspace ONE, our award-winning digital workspace solution? Simply click here to sign-up for a free hands-on lab.

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The New Way We’ll Start our Digital Day

The desktop-centric world is dead. Here’s why — and how — it will be replaced.

When industries shift very slowly, sometimes the most significant changes go completely unnoticed. For example, consider how the notion of the “desktop is your workspace” …


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New @ VMworld: Industry Workshops & Showcase for Financial Services, Healthcare, Government & Retail

Last year, VMworld attendees gave our industry-specific sessions such high marks that we&#rsquo;re taking it up a notch this year.

Join us for two VMworld firsts:

  1. Complimentary half-day, pre-conference industry workshops on August 27
  2. A full-featured industry showcase August 27–31

Our increased commitment to industries at VMworld this year mirrors our dedication to solving unique business challenges with VMware technology and services. Through greater investment in industry experts, solutions and associations, we are staying closer to the business challenges and opportunities that matter most to you.

The new sessions and showcase provide IT pros in financial services, healthcare, government and retail with an opportunity to meet with peers and industry experts to discuss key business challenges, and how to overcome them with technology. From keynote speakers and robust discussions to free sessions and demos, there will be powerful insights for everyone.

Still need to register for VMworld? Simply click here to begin.

Join Us for Our First-Ever VMworld Industry Workshops

  • Learn how financial tech democratization and robo-investing change the financial services landscape, along with the benefits of cloud, IoT and defense-in-depth security.
  • Hear how state, local and federal agencies disrupt business models and build new business cases for modernizing infrastructure IT.
  • Understand the vision driving the future of healthcare and how IT innovation improves the cost, quality and delivery of patient care.
  • Discover how retailers address proposed legislation, security threats and the &#rsquo;Amazon effect.&#rdquo;

Throughout the show, visit our full-featured industry showcase. Experience secure mobile banking in a branch of the future, meet the mission of a new government agency, enter retail 2020 and discover IoT and AR innovations for improved patient care.

Learn more today to participate in an unprecedented opportunity to network and solve key business challenges with your industry peers during our Industry Workshops and Industry Showcase at VMworld 2017.

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  • [Case Study] Halton Healthcare Modernizes Data Centers & Expands with New Hospital

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Announcing the Introduction to VMware Horizon 7 for Citrix Administrators

We are excited to announce the Introduction to VMware Horizon 7 for Citrix Administrators white paper. This guide is for Citrix administrators or anyone with a Citrix background who wants to learn about VMware Horizon 7. It offers a tour of Horizon 7, how the Citrix components map to a Horizon 7 deployment, and the steps to get you started in evaluating Horizon 7.

This guide covers some of the recent advances in Horizon 7, as well as how VMware JMP technologies deliver an enterprise-class, innovative solution. We also detail the key areas where Horizon 7 delivers a modern, enterprise-secure, and consumer-simple virtual desktop and application solution:

  • Enterprise-class application-publishing and virtual-desktop solution
  • Simple, fast, efficient management at scale
  • Consistent, adaptive user experience
  • Flexible, robust security

Did you know that Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop are very similar in architecture to VMware Horizon 7? Both solutions use a combination of connection brokers, web-based application catalogs, and RDSH or VDI servers to securely deliver virtual desktops and applications.

The following diagram compares the major Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop components to those of VMware Horizon 7.

For details on this diagram and more, download the Introduction to VMware Horizon 7 for Citrix Administrators now.

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STEM for All at UMass Lowell

The scientists of the future are embracing consumer-simple, enterprise-secure digital workspace solutions at UMass Lowell. With more than 17,750 students—and a strategic plan to increase enrollment to 20,000 over the next few years—this university is known for its educational initiatives in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Part of that mission is providing easier access to computationally complex and expensive STEM software packages.

What started as a simple need for more space on campus grew into an initiative that brought virtual desktops and simplified application access to students, faculty and staff. In 2013, the university needed to find a way to reclaim classroom space to teach its growing student body. The school was &#rsquo;bursting at the seams,&#rdquo; according to Steve Athanas, the school&#rsquo;s director of platforms and systems engineering.

&#rsquo;VDI, for us, started as a way to turn computer labs back into usable teaching space. But it turned out to be significantly more than that. Our VDI story is about fundamentally transforming the way we teach and the way we conduct business.&#rdquo;

To learn more about how UMass Lowell uses digital workspace solutions to simplify access to education, read the case study.

UMass Lowell Extends STEM Education with Digital Workspaces

Want to Calculate Fluid Dynamics on Your Phone at a Hockey Game?

UMass Lowell uses VMware Horizon for virtual desktops,VMware App Volumes to distribute applications and VMware User Environment Manager to maintain application settings across sessions. Through a portal called vLabs, UMass Lowell users can access university virtual desktops and apps from anywhere at any time, on any device.

According to Athanas, &#rsquo;Once students realized they were able to access their applications anytime and anywhere, it changed how they functioned as students.&#rdquo; Instead of having to log time in an on-campus computer lab, students could bring a mobile device with them and study whenever it&#rsquo;s convenient. &#rsquo;That&#rsquo;s really important because a huge percentage of our students have either full-time or part-time jobs as they&#rsquo;re achieving their education,&#rdquo; said Athanas.

&#rsquo;The way that VMware is simplifying app distribution is really huge. It means my team spends less time setting up and more time working with our ultimate customers, delivering value to the organization.&#rdquo;

Partnerships for Education

VMware technology partners are playing important roles in the UMass Lowell IT department and in campus academics. The school recently launched a high-performance Horizon cluster with virtual graphics processing units (GPUs) from NVIDIA. Computationally and graphics-intensive design and engineering programs now run on any student or faculty device that can run a Horizon desktop. The university has added additional NVIDIA GPU support to its base image to support the graphical look and feel of a Windows 10 deployment.

Athanas cited VMware partner StacksWare as a critical addition to his IT arsenal. StacksWare metrics for App Volumes deployments provide real-time, deep inspection of application usage.

&#rsquo;This software can tell me right now which users on campus are using which applications, where they’re using them from and how long they’re using them. I can roll all that up and make better decisions about software licenses for the campus. It&#rsquo;s been really transformative for us.&#rdquo;

From &#rsquo;It Works&#rdquo; to &#rsquo;Thank You&#rdquo;

Athanas cited a UMass Lowell study showing that 66 percent of students said that vLabs improved their academic success.

&#rsquo;You know you’re hitting the right mark when instead of users saying &#lsquo;It works,&#rsquo; or &#lsquo;It hasn’t had any problems,&#rsquo; they come up to you and say, &#lsquo;Thank you.&#rsquo; We’re now in a position where faculty and especially students say, &#lsquo;Thank you, this has saved me time, this has saved me effort, my job is easier, my academics are easier.&#rsquo; That’s transformative.&#rdquo;

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LG&E and KU Depend on NetScaler to Enable a Digital Workspace

Northern California (as well as Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada) experienced an extreme heat wave over the past week — a meteorological phenomenon described as a “heat dome.” The local utility company here in California experienced massive increases in demand …


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Transform IT with VMware Workspace ONE

It’s an age of disruption, of shifting technologies, increasing competition and expanding security threats. Employees have become digital nomads, constantly seeking out new tools and technologies to work successfully from anywhere and demanding more choice and simplicity to compete in a fast-changing world. Each day brings new challenges and, for the organizations who adapt, new possibilities.

VMware Workspace ONE is the enterprise-secure platform that aligns with your business needs, transforming IT with:

  • One unified solution that breaks down traditional silos between technologies so you can deliver any application to any device,
  • One platform to easily manage and secure all your endpoints,
  • One common contextual policy framework and
  • One easy-to-use application catalog that empowers your users with flexible self-service functionality, customized to your business.

It is an age of disruption. Embrace the possibilities by transforming IT with Workspace ONE. To learn more, visit today.

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One Device for On-the-Go Mobility & Desktop Productivity—Eliminate Compromise with VMware & Samsung

VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon Client 4.5 are now available on the Google Play store. Both can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones and used with Samsung DeX Station, which enables USB connectivity to peripherals.

The joint Samsung and VMware solution delivers a unified, digital workspace to keep end users productive. Users can seamlessly transition between their on-the-go mobile device and their full-size desk workspace that includes a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

With Samsung and VMware, end users can quickly move from mobile device to desktopfor continuous productivity at work.

Workspace ONE is a simple and secure enterprise platform for delivering and managing any application on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone. Integrating identity management, real-time application delivery and enterprise mobility management, Workspace ONE helps IT engage digital employees, reduce the threat of data leakage and modernize traditional operations for the mobile-cloud era.

With the Samsung DeX Station, end users can turn their Galaxy S8 or S8+ into a true PC experience. When docked at the DeX Station, Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones launch a special DeX mode on the connected, external monitor, and applications can be opened in multiple, separate windows. We recommend connecting a mouse, keyboard and Ethernet cable for added productivity.

With Workspace ONE and Horizon Client 4.5 installed on the device, DeX users can take advantage of on-the-go access to their Windows, mobile and cloud applications. Without compromising corporate security, this combination is an ideal choice for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users.

Here&#rsquo;s an example of a Galaxy S8 running DeX mode on a monitor with a Horizon virtual desktop and Workspace ONE.

With Horizon, DeX users will also experience Blast Extreme adaptive transport for high-performing cloud applications and virtual desktops—right from Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices.

Meanwhile, users can easily multitask between their personal and corporate worlds and even take phone calls. While docked in the DeX Station, call functionality works seamlessly with a Bluetooth headset, without interrupting the desktop experience.

Organizations that want to test the Galaxy S8 or S8+ with Horizon and/or Workspace ONE can quickly sign up at VMware TestDrivefor End-User Computing. IT can conveniently access a free, cloud-based demo environment within minutes—without spinning up internal resources and/or infrastructure.

Go to VMware TestDrive

Learn More

  • See the announcement:Introducing New Samsung Galaxy S8 + VMware Workspace ONE
  • Read more from VentureBeat: Samsung&#rsquo;s DeX dock turns the Galaxy S8 into a PC
  • Watch a demo at KRON 4: Samsung&#rsquo;s Dex Turns Your Phone into a Work or Home Computer

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