VMware proporcionará VMware Horizon Cloud en Microsoft Azure

Recientemente hemos anunciado que proprcionaremos VMware Horizon Cloud en Microsoft Azure. Esta integración ayudará a nuestros clientes a acelerar la transición hacia Windows 10 e incorporará escritorios y aplicaciones virtuales VMware a la creciente presencia global de Azure en la empresa.

La incorporación de VMware Horizon Cloud en Microsoft Azure nos situa en una posición privilegiada para ofrecer a sus clientes varias opciones de infraestructura para escritorios y aplicaciones virtuales con la flexibilidad para moverse entre las diferentes plataformas. Este es un ejemplo de cómo VMware ejecuta su estrategia de cross-cloud y aporta innovación al Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Horizon Cloud permite usar un plano de control de nube única para ofrecer a sus clientes la flexibilidad para escoger la infraestructura preferida para entregar y gestionar escritorios y aplicaciones virtuales. Potenciando la estrategia de nube transversal de VMware, los clientes pueden escoger entre varias opciones de implantación y pueden cambiar las opciones de forma dinámica si cambian los escenarios de uso, se trasladan los empleados o la economía fluctúa. Únicamente Horizon Cloud ofrece esta escalabilidad horizontal flexible de escritorios virtuales con opciones que incluyen:

  • Gestión completa de la infraestructura de nube pública desde VMware. Diseñada para organizaciones que pretenden externalizar la gestión de la infraestructura a la nube en busca de una experiencia desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) y excelente para una rápida escalabilidad y una economía predecible.
  • Potenciar la infraestructura de la nube pública desde Microsoft . Conectar la infraestructura como servicio (IaaS) Azure a la Horizon Cloud para proporcionar y gestionar escritorios y aplicaciones virtuales Horizon, ideal para organizaciones con una suscripción Azure.
  • Crear tu propia infraestructura in situ con dispositivos Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). Diseñado para organizaciones que desean un mayor control sobre la infraestructura de su escritorio virtual, y excelente para aquellos con requisitos estrictos de seguridad o rendimiento.

El DaaS ha madurado a lo largo de los años y hoy ofrece un ahorro de costes, un rendimiento y una agilidad que atrae a empresas en busca de una estrategia de escritorio moderna. La incorporación de una plataforma de nube mayor como Microsoft Azure tiene el potencial para acelerar la adopción de VMware Horizon entre los clientes que buscan un camino diferente para gestionar y proporcionar escritorios y aplicaciones de Windows 10.


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Building a Software-Defined Network

At his Synergy keynote, Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov mentioned that IT “needs a software defined perimeter (SDP) that helps us manage our mission critical assets and enable people to work the way they want to.” The concept is not a


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NetScaler SD-WAN for the Cloud

As you evolve your application infrastructure and migrate applications to the cloud, it’s important to evolve your network as well. Trying to retrofit a traditional WAN onto a cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture will prevent you from receiving all the benefits


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Citrix and HPE Reignite Strategic Partnership to Drive Hybrid Cloud Growth

In our dynamic world, the strongest relationships adapt and evolve. As organizations increasingly embrace the cloud, Citrix and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are announcing a multi-year agreement to strengthen our collaboration to develop new integrated products and services that help


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Introducing TPCx-HS Version 2 – An Industry Standard Benchmark for Apache Spark and Hadoop clusters deployed on premise or in the cloud

Since its release on August 2014, the TPCx-HS Hadoop benchmark has helped drive competition in the Big Data marketplace, generating 23 publications spanning 5 Hadoop distributions, 3 hardware vendors, 2 OS distributions and 1 virtualizationplatform. By all measures, it has proven to be a successful industry standard benchmark for Hadoop systems. However, the Big Data landscape has rapidly changed over the last 30 months. Key technologies have matured while new ones have risen to prominence in an effort to keep pace with the exponential expansion of datasets. One such technology is Apache Spark.

According to a Big Data survey published by the Taneja Group, more than half of the respondents reported actively using Spark, with a notable increase in usage over the 12 months following the survey. Clearly, Spark is an important component of any Big Data pipeline today. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, there is also a significant trend towards deploying Spark in the cloud. What is driving this adoption of Spark? Predominantly, performance.

Today, with the widespread adoption of Spark and its integration into many commercial Big Data platform offerings, I believe there needs to be a straightforward, industry standard way in which Spark performance and price/performance could be objectively measured and verified. Just like TPCx-HS Version 1 for Hadoop, the workload needs to be well understood and the metrics easily relatable to the end user.

Continuing on the Transaction Processing Performance Council&#rsquo;s commitment to bringing relevant benchmarks to the industry, it is my pleasure to announce TPCx-HS Version 2 for Spark and Hadoop. In keeping with important industry trends, not only does TPCx-HS support traditional on premise deployments, but also cloud.

I envision that TPCx-HS will continue to be a useful benchmark standard for customers as they evaluate Big Data deployments in terms of performance and price/performance, and for vendors in demonstrating the competitiveness of their products.


Tariq Magdon-Ismail

(Chair, TPCx-HS Benchmark Committee)


Additional Information: TPC Press Release

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Traveling around the world without worries. Thanks VMware NSX

Amadeus is a technology company dedicated to the global travel industry, with many customers relying on Amadeus&#rsquo; technology and services across the entire spectrum of the travel experience, covering bookings, pricing and managing reservations – all the way through to departure.

How does Amadeus shape the future of global travel?
Using VMware Integrated OpenStack and NSX, Amadeus has built a platform that connects all its customers to deliver superior responsiveness and ultra-high availability of services. Discover how in our video below:

Looking to leverage network virtualization like Amadeus? Get started with our Network Virtualization for Dummies Guidea crash course on how to move out of the hardwired past and into the era of the virtualized network with VMware.

Click here to download your free copy of &#rsquo;Network Virtualization for Dummies&#rdquo;.

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HPE and Citrix: Delivering the Workspace of the Future

It’s been said many times: the greatest asset an organization has is its people. Talent and skill are always critical to success.

But the rapid emergence, adoption, and convergence of cloud, mobile, IoT, and Big Data are upending all sorts …


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We’re Taking on the Cloud with NetScaler

Congratulations, you’ve made the commitment to move to the cloud. There are several options available to the enterprise cloud consumer today, to not only help you economize your IT infrastructure but to increase your business’ operational efficiencies.

But Rome wasn’t …


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Bringing Mobile Workers up to Cloud Speed

Trains, planes, and automobiles are the most obvious signs that we are living in an era of continual acceleration; going ever faster is the motto of our time. Yet when it comes to 21st-century acceleration, IT has been …


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