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What’s New with Citrix Workspace March 2018

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All New Citrix Ready CSP Program Launches Today!

At Summit 2018, we announced a new, exciting enhancement to the Citrix Service Provider Program - the Citrix Ready CSP Program. Today, we’re officially launching the program and bringing the power of Citrix Ready to CSPs.

Now, you will be …


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Modern Management with XenMobile

Implement Modern Management, a new way to manage Windows 10 and Office 365 in the cloud with Citrix XenMobile.

My daughter is a junior in high school and is preparing to make the leap to college soon. I’ve been stressing …


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Why I’m Excited to be Sitting at the Helm of Citrix Innovation in 2018

I joined Citrix six months ago, amid a period of massive transformation, and was tasked with helping to transition our customers and products from a perpetual licensing model to subscription-based cloud services offering far more flexibility, simplicity, and scale.

I’m …


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Congratulations Citrix Summit 2018 Strategic Partner WINNERS!

Now in their second year, the Global Strategic Partner awards honor the high achieving members of our global partner ecosystem.

The Strategic Partner Awards highlight the real and ongoing innovation in workspace mobility, networking, security and cloud from our partner …


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XenApp and XenDesktop on Azure コスト計算ツール

本ブログは2017年4月に Citrix Systems の Danning Yaoが執筆したブログ「Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop on Microsoft Azure Cost Calculator: Longer Name, Even More Features」を日本語訳(意訳含む)したものです。

2017年初に最初のXenApp on Azureコスト計算ツールを発表して以来、数々のフィードバックを基に開発を重ね、この度大幅な機能強化を伴ったXenApp and XenDesktop on Azure Cost Calculatorをリリースしました。


Azure ADアカウントでの費用見積もりの比較と保存









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A Climate of Change: The Retail Industry & Enabling Technology

During the time I lived in Dallas, a hilarious couple lived next door. The husband, a former airline executive who was already a knobby-kneed octogenarian by the time I met him, was full of corny sayings guaranteed to make me …


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XenApp and XenDesktop における Azure Role Based Access Control の利用

このブログは、2016年11月に Citrix 米国本社マイクロソフトソリューションエンジニアリング部門 Ole Larsen が執筆したブログ「Azure Role Based Access Control in XenApp and XenDesktop」を日本語訳し、一部修正/加筆したものです。

Azure Role Based Access Control in XenApp & XenDesktop


XenApp および XenDesktop の Azure Resource Manager のサポートにより、Azure クラウドの仮想マシンのカタログを作成および管理できます。このブログ記事では、Azure サービスプリンシパルへロール権限やスコープを定義する方法、およびカスタムロールを定義したサービスプリンシパルを利用して XenAppおよびXenDesktop からAzure への接続を許可する方法について用例を交えながらお伝えしていきます。


Azure サービスプリンシパル


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Citrix Director 7.16 Can Now Shadow Linux App & Desktop

Citrix Director is the go-to console for all XenDesktop & XenApp administrators to troubleshoot issues in real time. One of the primary troubleshooting requirements is to help users who are facing issues while using a HDX session (both applications and


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Updates to the Library in the Citrix Cloud Management Plane

The Library is the go-to place for viewing and managing offerings from Citrix Cloud services; it has recently been updated to allow for a better experience for IT admins. Admins can now get more information when viewing offerings or doing


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