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This blog was updated on May 22,2017, with the latest information about the Device Enrollment Program from Apple. Join the conversation on Twitter using #iOSinBusiness.

What is the Device Enrollment Program from Apple?

The Device Enrollment Program provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned Mac, iOS or tvOS devices. With a mobile device management (MDM) and unified endpoint management solution like VMware AirWatch, IT can:

  • Customize device settings;
  • Activate and supervise devices over the air; and
  • Enable users to setup their own devices out of the box.

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What IT challenges does the Device Enrollment Program help address?

The Device Enrollment Program solves several critical requirements for corporate-owned devices. First, organizations save time and money by eliminating high-touch processes for IT. DEP takes configuration time to zero. Deployment of corporate-owned devices with DEP means zero-touch configuration for IT, eliminates staging and automates device configuration.

Second, onboarding iOS or macOS devices is streamlined for users. Based on the settings IT configured, users are prompted through Setup Assistant (skipping through any unnecessary screens). Users only need to authenticate and don&#rsquo;t need to be tech savvy to get the content, apps and email they need on their smartphones.

Finally, supervising iOS devices over the air is possible with the DEP. With supervision, administrators have more control over the device and can disable features like AirDrop, the App Store and account modification. They can also enable features like password protection. Also, the MDM profile cannot be removed, which eliminates the possibility of un-enrollment to protect data and investments in devices and provides the best user experience possible.

What role does AirWatch play in Apple&#rsquo;s Device Enrollment Program?

To utilize the Device Enrollment Program, MDM capabilities like those part of VMware AirWatch are required. AirWatch integrates with the Device Enrollment Program, enabling organizations to automatically import devices in the console based on order history. Then, administrators can easily configure settings, apply profiles, assign applications and set restrictions that will apply automatically when users unbox devices.

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How can I join the Device Enrollment Program from Apple?

First, enroll with Apple and register your organization&#rsquo;s information to create an account and designate your administrators. Next, configure your device settings and Setup Assistant steps in the AirWatch console. You then can ship devices directly to your users.

For more information, check out Apple&#rsquo;s Device Enrollment Program Guide.

What are the device requirements for the Apple Device Enrollment Program?

The devices must be corporate-owned and purchased directly from Apple or through participating Apple Authorized Resellers.*

*The Device Enrollment Program may not be supported by all Apple Authorized Resellers and carriers.

Where is the Device Enrollment Program available?

The Device Enrollment Program is available in 34 countries: Australia,Austria,Belgium,Brazil,Canada,Czech Republic,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany, Greece,Hong Kong,Hungary,India,Ireland,Italy,Japan,Luxembourg,Mexico,Netherlands, NewZealand,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Singapore,South Africa,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland, Taiwan,Turkey,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom andUnitedStates.

What’s available for education with the Device Enrollment Program from Apple?

Both Apple and AirWatch give special consideration to unique education use cases. With Apple School Manager (ASM), Apple has delivered a central place for account creation, role definitions and content purchases. To support ASM, AirWatch designed a console section for education to setup mobile deployments and streamline management of teachers, students, classes, apps and more—whether you have a 1:1 or shared device deployment. After importing data from Apple School Manager, use AirWatch to:

  • Match devices with students or classes;
  • Assign applications (to users or devices); and
  • Configure the new Classroom application, allowing teachers to guide learning on iPads.

Students quickly choose the device with their photo displayed once their teacher has started the class.

Visit and to learn more about the Device Enrollment Program.


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Windows 10 smartwatches come to the enterprise. It&#rsquo;s 1.54 inches, runs Universal Windows Applications, secure and built to &#rsquo;survive a hard day at work,&#rdquo; saidMicrosoft. The TrekStor IoT Wearable runs on Windows 10 IoT Core, a version of Windows 10 for the Internet of Things. Microsoft will reveal more soon on the smartwatch for healthcare, […]]> Windows 10 smartwatches come to the enterprise.

It&#rsquo;s 1.54 inches, runs Universal Windows Applications, secure and built to &#rsquo;survive a hard day at work,&#rdquo; saidMicrosoft. The TrekStor IoT Wearable runs on Windows 10 IoT Core, a version of Windows 10 for the Internet of Things. Microsoft will reveal more soon on the smartwatch for healthcare, manufacturing, retail and other industries.

Migrating to Windows 10—everyone&#rsquo;s doing it.

By the end of this year, 85% of enterprises will have started deploying Windows 10, according to a newGartnersurvey. The top reason to migrate? Nearly half of respondents said it’s improved security.

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Google also updated thelistof Chromebook laptops planned to support Android apps, bumping the total from six to more than 80 devices, reportsThe Verge.

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