Tailored to industry: A sector-based approach

Guest blog by Laurent Allard, Vice-Chairman at OVH. He talks about the company&#rsquo;s partnership with VMware and how being one of our key cloud providers is helping it build dedicated solutions tailored to meet industry compliance and regulations, such as OVH Healthcare.

Customers are living in a multi-cloud world; they&#rsquo;re relying on different types of cloud technologies, as well as their own dedicated servers to ensure they adapt to the growing demands of their business.

Our agenda is very much client driven. We adapt our solution development to the reactions we get from customers. Each customer has a different profile and they all have different starting points on their journeys to the cloud, or what they want to achieve in their business.

How to set us apart from rivals in the cloud space? Well, we have a clear strategic view that &#lsquo;one size fits all&#rsquo; for cloud just doesn&#rsquo;t work. We need hosted, private and public clouds. After all, you can&#rsquo;t paint a painting with a single colour. Our view is to be a cloud service provider for all companies, across industries and of all sizes. We don&#rsquo;t need to be a specialist in a vertical market - we are industry agnostic – but we are fully aligned, knowledgeable and skilled in industry trends and compliance. We adapt to make our services right for a customer. That&#rsquo;s what our expertise is – and it&#rsquo;s leveraged with our partnership with VMware.

We have a joint alignment with VMware, sharing common interests and goals through an outstanding relationship. VMware has been a key driver in us becoming a successful global provider of private cloud solutions since 2010 – and we continue to work with them as a trusted cloud service provider partner.

It&#rsquo;s such a close partnership that, the same day VMware announces a new solution, we&#rsquo;re ready to support it. And it works both ways. We listen to our customers&#rsquo; needs; they want to benefit from VMware&#rsquo;s stack without needing the expertise in-house to exploit it. They&#rsquo;re looking for a very dynamic type of provisioning with almost the same attributes as the public cloud – but from a dedicated, private-hosted VMware environment. They want the security, scalability and agility of a VMware solution but don&#rsquo;t want to focus on the technology – they want to focus on growing their business.

It&#rsquo;s in industrialising our innovative solutions that our partnership with VMware continues to prosper, so we&#rsquo;ve started to find ways in which we can help customers with sector-specific solutions. When you grow by 30% year on year, you can&#rsquo;t stay with the same long-term vision to stay up to date. You need to innovate, to be agile, and be able to react swiftly and stay ahead. And that is possible through VMware.

One of our biggest success stories in that field has been with OVH Healthcare. With OVH Healthcare, we host the information systems of healthcare organisations in an environment that meets even the most demanding industry regulations and compliance laws. We then provide an expert team of data hosting and medical specialists to help the organisation choose the private cloud environment best befitting of their needs. As ever, OVH has worked alongside VMware to create the different environments, but all are based on vCenter, vSphere, NSX and vRealize Operations. Customers can create their VMs from the vSphere interface and can configure access rules to their networks through NSX while using vRealize Operations to control and manage their infrastructure.

We actually developed the solution in line with French start-up Betterise Health Tech. The company was looking for a solution to support its mobile applications for diabetic patients, but when it wanted to extend its product range, offering mobile apps for diabetic patients, for example, it was faced with a legal constraint – it needed a licensed HDS host. It wanted to make use of our private cloud with VMware, so we designed OVH Healthcare and obtained HDS accreditation in November 2016. As French regulations are among the most protective of personal data, they often serve as a model in Europe. This shows just how secure our solution with VMware must be.

This is just one example. We&#rsquo;re looking forward to continuing on our journey with VMware to help support other organisations achieve the flexibility of the cloud with solutions dedicated to meeting the specific requirements of their sectors.

For us, that includes, but isn&#rsquo;t limited to: helping clients to invest in cloud services without worrying about being locked-in, managing sovereignty needs, scaling within private cloud, and managing the mix between legacy and new cloud services. If we can do all that for them, they can focus on innovating and driving the business forward; safe in the knowledge we&#rsquo;re providing the foundation to make it happen.

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VMware Horizon Cloud comes to Microsoft Azure

At VMware, we&#rsquo;ve always been intent on giving our customers as many options and as much flexibility as possible when it comes to their IT environment.

Our latest commitment to that cause, is delivering VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, helping our customers to bring VMware virtual desktops and applications to the increasing global presence of Microsoft Azure in the enterprise, which is now available in 38 regions globally.

Bringing together one of the fastest growing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers with the industry&#rsquo;s leading app and desktop cloud services offering gives our customers several infrastructure options with the flexibility to move between different platforms – all part of our cross-cloud strategy.

But what does this all mean?
Well, customers can now connect Azure IaaS to Horizon Cloud to deliver and manage Horizon virtual desktops and applications. This is ideal for organisations with an Azure subscription, but also for customers that want the flexibility to switch their deployment options from other public cloud services if use cases change, employees move or economics shift – thanks to Horizon Cloud&#rsquo;s ability to use a single cloud control plane. The VMware and Microsoft integration can also help our customers accelerate their move to Windows 10.

As ever, our solutions provide customers with options. In fact, only Horizon Cloud offers this flexible scale-out of virtual desktops and applications. For example, it can offer fully managed public cloud infrastructure for those companies looking to outsource management of infrastructure to the cloud for a desktop-as-a-service experience, or it can offer bring your own on-premises infrastructure with Hyper-converged Infrastructure appliances for those organisations that want greater control over their virtual desktop infrastructure – particularly those with tight security or performance requirements.

VMware continues to innovate and cater for all of our customers&#rsquo; needs.

We expect VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure to be available in the second half of 2017.

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I AM…all about integrating public clouds

The content catalog is live, so it’s time to start your preparations and to select some highly recommended sessions. Previously, we already suggested some tracks about transforming security, digitizing the workspace, and modernizing the data center. In this blog, you can discover some interesting tracks and sessions about the integration of public clouds.

Integration of public clouds is the future
More and more end users (including employees) find their way to the different public clouds. It is the task (and challenge) of the IT department to keep overview and control, and to find a way to centrally manage various public clouds. Are you looking for more information about the integration of public clouds? Be sure to schedule the following break-out sessions and workshops from the content catalog in your calendar.

Just click on the button ‘schedule’ and the session is in your agenda.

Break-out sessions:

  • Creating Your VMware Cloud on AWS Data Center: VMware Cloud on AWS Fundamentals [LHC1547BE]
  • Accelerate the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS [LHC1403BE]
  • AWS Native Services Integration with VMware Cloud on AWS: Technical Deep Dive [LHC3376BES]
  • VMware Cloud on AWS: An Architectural and Operational Deep Dive [LHC3174BE]

Hands-on-Labs / Expert led workshop

  • VMware Cloud on AWS - Getting Started Workshop [ELW188701E]
  • VMware Cross Cloud Services - Getting Started [SPL188401E]
Register now and discover everything about modernizing data centers!
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I AM…all about modernizing data centers

VMworld 2017 Europe is getting closer (11-14 September). So start preparing your trip and go quickly to the content catalog to make a selection of program components that interest you the most! In some previous blogs, we have already made suggestions about transforming security, and digitizing the workspace, but also when looking for information about modernizing data centers, there are some interesting sessions.

Modernizing data centers
Technological developments are fast-pacing each other. So to remain competitive, organizations must invest in the digital transformation of all business processes. This transformation begins with the infrastructure, with data centers being crucial.

Cloud Management
Want to know more about modernizing data centers and cloud management? Don&#rsquo;t miss the following program components:

  • Break-out session: Case Study: How a Leading Health Insurance Provider Uses vRealize Business to Transform Its Cloud Initiative into a Cloud Business Management Practice [MGT1816BE]
  • Break-out session: Configuring a Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation: A Technical Deep Dive [PBO1757BE]

From cloud to cloud management tools? Then you need to follow the sessions on the vRealize Suite and vRealize Automation:

  • Hands-on Lab: Automate IT - Make Private Cloud Easy [SPL180602E]
  • Break-out session: Case Study: VMware Cloud Foundation-Powered Private Cloud, Including Hands-On Labs [PBO2864BE]
  • Break-out session: Cloud Management Platform: Can I Get There From Here? [MGT2231BE]
  • Breakout session: Effectively Operating an Automated Cloud [MGT1758BE]

Cloud Management discussion
Are you looking for other IT experts to exchange ideas about cloud management and modernization of data centers? Then join the different group discussions:

  • Intelligent Operations Jam Session: SDDC Performance and Availability, Unified Management [MGT2588GE]
  • Modernizing Your Data Center with VMware Cloud Foundation: Group Discussion [PBO1224GE]
  • Using vRealize to Manage AWS as Part of Hybrid Cloud [MGT3169GE]
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I AM…all about transforming security

From 11 to 14 September 2017 VMworld Europe will be a trending topic. And not only in Barcelona. This year&#rsquo;s VMworld 2017 Europe has been designed for you and your peers. Agood preparation is half the work, so this year the content catalog is also available on time online.

Transform your security

In another blog we told you which program components you really should not miss if you want to know everything about digitizing your workspaces. However, when it comes to transforming the security within your organization, there is a lot to discover during VMworld 2017 Europe.

Looking for an introduction about transforming your security?
Do you find it difficult to determine where to start the transformation of security? Take a look at the spotlight session ‘Use Virtualization to Secure Application Infrastructure‘ [SAI3237SE]. After this spotlight session, the question is no longer “How do I protect the cloud?” but”How can I use the unique features of the cloud to transform security?”

Do you already have some security skills?
Are you looking for a session that gives your more than a first introduction? Don&#rsquo;t miss the following break-out sessions:

  • Security Policy Creation [SAI1384BE]
  • Deploying Security in a Brownfield Environment [SAI2371BE]
  • How VMware IT Is Securing Applications Using Micro-Segmentation And Third-Party Integrations With NSX [SAI2325BE]

For technical advanced people
Have you been involved for some time in the process of transforming the security within your organization and are you looking for more (technical) information? Make sure you don&#rsquo;t miss the group discussion “Designing Multilayered Security in the Software-Defined Data Center Using VMware vSphere 6.5.0a and VMware NSX 6.3” [SAI1414GE]. You will learn how a VMware vSphere and VMware NSX design can prevent an attack and protect the integrity of your information and organization.

Here&#rsquo;s another recommendation: the break-out session “Securing your VMware Horizon Virtualized Apps and Desktop Investments with NSX [SIE2034BE]”, creating a deep dive in the design and architecture nuances that are part of a successful micro-segmentation and network virtualization design within a virtual desktop infrastructure.

Business focus on security transformation
Do you look at security from a business perspective? Then join to the panel discussion “Data Privacy, the GDPR, and the Globalization of Compliance [GRC3109PE]” about all the opportunities and pitfalls.

Or follow the break-out session “Why VMware Might Just Be Your Most Important IT Security Company [SIE2709BE]” Focusing on why VMware technology is crucial for your organization to provide protection from the inside and effectively transform the security.

Register today and discover everything about transforming your security!
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I AM…all about empowering digital workspaces

VMworld 2017 Europe is getting closer. On11-14 September we are back in Barcelona: four days full of technological innovations with keynotes, break-out sessions, labs, show stoppers… If you don&#rsquo;t know where to start, just start with this blog. We&#rsquo;ve selected for you some interesting tracks in the content catalog.

The future of the digital workspace
Do you have questions about digitizing your workspaces? During VMworld 2017 Europe, you can listen to various experts on what’s happening in IT and what the future will bring for the digital workspace.

One great example is the showcase keynote ‘Delivering New User Experiences with Digital Workspaces‘ [track code: EDW7002KE].

There are several break-out sessions that can help you digitize your workspaces: from business mobility and desktop virtualization to cloud storage. After these sessions, you will know exactly how to create an optimal user experience while keeping the security constantly guaranteed.

All about empowering the digital workplace? Don&#rsquo;t miss these break-out sessions:

September 12th

  • Cut the Cost with Cloud-First, Scalable Windows Software Distribution [UEM1827BE]
  • Horizon Apps and JMP: Technical Deep Dive [ADV1593BE]
  • Introduction to Access Management in Workspace ONE [SAAM2288BE]

September 13th

  • Deliver Any App, Any Desktop, Anywhere in the World Using VMware Blast Extreme [ADV1609BE]
  • Evolution of Endpoint Management Within a Digital Workspace [UEM3155SE]

September 14th

  • Delivering Skype for Business with VMware Horizon: All You Need to Know [ADV1583BE]
  • Securing Access and Protecting Information in Office 365 with Workspace ONE [SAAM2291BE]

Next to these different sessions, VMworld 2017 Europe also offers you the opportunity to network with peers. Or raise awareness during hands-on labs and discover new product breakthroughs. A hands-on lab that you should not miss is for example: ‘Horizon 7.1 - Advanced Operational Concepts‘ [SPL185107E].

Register today and discover everything about the digital workspace!

Book your ticket for VMworld 2017 Europe here!.


PS: You can add these session easily to your personal agenda by clicking on the ‘Schedule’-button.

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Transforming Security in the Mobile Era: There’s never been a better time

As the digital economy continues to evolve, IT teams are scrambling to keep up with the changing requirements. From the demand for speed and accuracy to the need for agility and performance, it can be difficult to juggle it all and still maintain robust security.

Some of the top challenges IT is facing as the data center landscape evolves include:

  • The changing nature of applications, infrastructure, and security attacks. Application infrastructure is no longer confined to on-premises data centers but is now highly dynamic, and spread out between public and private multi-cloud environments. That makes security more complex, especially as threats become more sophisticated.
  • Increasingly strict requirements for regulatory compliance. From industry-specific requirements like PCI, FISMA, ECPA, and HIPAA, to differences in regulations from the cloud to on-premises, it&#rsquo;s not easy to get or stay in compliance.
  • The high cost of security breaches. Organisations of all sizes remain vulnerable to persistent, sophisticated threats—and the price of breaches just keeps rising. The annual cost of global cyber espionage is estimated to be around $500 billion.*

To protect applications, data, and users, organisations need to totally transform the way they view and enforce security. Download the new eBook: Transforming Security in the Mobile Cloud Era.

A three-part approach to better security

A security solution that&#rsquo;s built to tackle both current and future challenges can give you the ability to support your business and gain a competitive edge. VMware provides a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints that is independent of the underlying physical infrastructure or location. This approach can help you:

  • Secure application infrastructure
  • Secure identity and endpoints
  • Streamline compliance

VMware solutions make it possible for your IT team to leverage the power of the cloud, and focus on innovation and strategic initiatives—instead of spending all your time trying to prevent costly attacks or compliance errors.

With more time and improved visibility, you can keep your organisation more secure, and help it succeed in the digital economy.

Learn more about how to achieve better security by downloading the eBook: Transforming Security in the Mobile Cloud Era.

Discover further:

  • Visit our website for more information about transforming security
  • Learn how you can build a secure application infrastructure with Hands-On Labs

You may also like our other blog articles:

  • Why a Modern Data Center is Essential for the Digital Economy
  • Empower the Digital Workspace
  • Network Virtualization For Dummies

*Source: Cost of Data Center Outages, Ponemon Institute, January 2016

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Four bottlenecks that can be solved with vSAN 6.6

Blog by Rory Choudhuri, Product Marketing Director at VMware. He discusses vSAN 6.6 and the HCI conversations partners can start having with stakeholders at all levels

In April, we launched the latest vSAN product update – vSAN6.6. vSAN is one of the most disruptive technologies in the infrastructure stack. More than 8,000 customers have already chosen to transform their data center, opting to virtualize their storage function and entrust their most important workloads to vSAN. The implementation sees the data centre transformed through a hyper-converged infrastructure, which combines server, storage and network functions, all managed via a software layer to help companies lower TCO, evolve without risk, and scale so they can prepare for any workload. And, of course, for that reason, we want our partners on the journey with us as you sell the solutions to your own customers.

We&#rsquo;ve deliberately developed our vSAN 6.6 kits with both the customer and partner in mind. Four new HCI Kit bundles provide an easy way for customers to get started with HCI – converging physical storage onto industry-standard servers – because they contain all the essential software needed to deploy a software-defined HCI solution. A customer can purchase any of these HCI software kits and deploy it on certified hardware from the server vendor of their choice. This simplifies the purchasing process for our channel partners, giving them a single software SKU for HCI. vSAN really does pose one of the strongest current opportunities for partners. With a HCI environment, the sales cycle tends to be turned around in 90 days. When you consider that a traditional storage solution takes around nine months, that means you can get things up and running far quicker.

What do you need to look out for when having conversations with your customers?
How do you spot the perfect opportunity to start discussing a move to a hyper-converged infrastructure with vSAN 6.6? These are the things to look out for:

  1. Budget constraints

Your customer has told you they&#rsquo;re concerned with the amount they are currently spending on storage – and won&#rsquo;t be able to sustain their current spending levels. Yet storage requirements are increasing 50% YoY – something has to change. By simplifying the storage function, vSAN significantly reduces Capex and Opex.

  1. Stretched resources and increased management complexity

They&#rsquo;re finding managing infrastructure in siloes not just increasingly complicated, but it&#rsquo;s getting harder to get a true overview of what&#rsquo;s happening across the estate. On top of that, their resources are limited – who has the time to manage silo by silo? Hyper-convergence breaks down these siloes, bringing all infrastructure into one place

  1. Their old infrastructure can&#rsquo;t help them evolve quick enough

We all know how quickly businesses need to be able to move to be competitive – are your customers saying that their infrastructures aren&#rsquo;t future-ready and can&#rsquo;t help them scale in time?

  1. Put the app in charge

Instead of individually configuring LUNs, and relying on your storage admin/architect, set storage policies for the environment. Let the software run the process, both for day 1 set up and ongoing day 2 management. Put the app in charge – that&#rsquo;s what defines the requirement after all.

vSAN 6.6 readily forms the basis of conversations with a number of stakeholders across the business, but they&#rsquo;re going to want to focus on different things. Here are our tips on the conversations you can lead with different people across your client organizations – and the benefits we see attracting each one.

With the CxO:
&#rsquo;vSAN can help you seamlessly evolve to a secure modern datacenter designed for tomorrow&#rsquo;s IT needs, at half the cost.&#rdquo;

With the IT Director/VP:
&#rsquo;With vSAN, IT spend can instead to go to strategic initiatives that actually meet businessdemand, rather than paying to keep the lights on.&#rdquo;

With the Infrastructure team
&#rsquo;vSAN offers performance and high resiliency for all types of workloads, including business-critical applications. It also has the bonus of running on the same technologies you&#rsquo;re already familiar with – if you know vSphere, you know vSAN.&#rdquo;

With storage Lead/Admin:
&#rsquo;vSAN 6.6 will let you simplify capacity planning by scaling compute and storage in tandem.&#rdquo;

We&#rsquo;re keen to work with our partners to help them help us make it even more successful. vSAN has recently won three industry awards for being the Product of the Year in this space. With the kits we&#rsquo;ve put together to help partners sell vSAN 6.6, now really is a great opportunity for our channel to get out there and start selling the software.

Want more information on selling vSAN?

  • Start with the Partner-Led vSAN Assessment
  • Visit Partner Central
  • Contact your VMware Partner Specialist at or your VMware Distributor

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For the Digital Economy a Modern Data Center is essential

Digital disruption is turbo-charging the pace of business, and the companies that survive and thrive will be those that can innovate fastest. Line-of-business leaders and developers are reaching out to your IT team for help. To stay competitive, you need to give them rapid access to the services, apps, and resources they need for today&#rsquo;s dynamic market—and tomorrow&#rsquo;s new demands.

If this sounds daunting, you&#rsquo;re not alone. A Gartner survey found that 59 percent of IT professionals believe that their IT organizations are unprepared for the digital business of the next two years. Building an IT environment that can support changing business imperatives isn&#rsquo;t easy. You&#rsquo;re facing:

  • Complex, heterogeneous environments that can slow you down
  • Operational and compliance risks from cloud siloes and outdated management
  • Static or shrinking IT budgets

How can you tackle these challenges? Employing a software-defined approach to modernizing the data center can position you to deliver infrastructure, applications, data, and IT services—on demand, with improved agility.

Click here to read our new white paper, &#rsquo;Future Proof Your Data Center.&#rdquo;

Toward a modernized data center

VMware provides a path toward a modernized data center that starts by focusing on two IT initiatives: modernizing the infrastructure through best-in-class compute, storage, and network virtualization technologies; and automating IT operations with industry-leading cloud management.

Modernize infrastructure

A modern infrastructure lets you extend the efficiency of virtualization across the entire data center, including compute, storage, and networking layers, with common management across all three. It&#rsquo;s based on a software-defined infrastructure built on hyper-converged architecture that reaches across private and public clouds, minimizing IT risks and lowering costs. With a modernized infrastructure, you can:

  • Evolve the data center without risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Scale to grow with the business

Automate IT

IT automation is the second key initiative to modernize the data center. Although compute virtualization lets you apply some degree of automation to provisioning compute and storage resources, configuring associated network and security services still requires manual processes that are simply too slow.

By virtualizing and automating the delivery of IT services, you can:

  • Automate for full-stack provisioning of infrastructure and applications
  • Virtualize networking and security components into the hypervisor layer
  • Streamline infrastructure and application lifecycle management

Take advantage of new opportunities

VMware is the industry leader in virtualization and cloud technologies, and we can help you take the next steps toward a modernizing your data center. Our solution portfolio helps you build a software-defined environment of natively integrated compute, storage, and network virtualization technologies with automation and management, to support any workload—from traditional enterprise applications to modern cloud-native applications.

To learn more about the benefits a modernized data center can bring to your entire organization, read our new white paper, &#rsquo;Future Proof Your Data Center.&#rdquo;

Discover further:

  • Visit our website for more information about modernizing data centers.
  • Experience VMware technology first hand with our Hands-On Labs catalogue.

You may also like our other blog articles:

  • Network Virtualization For Dummies
  • Secure the Digital Workspace For Dummies

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General terms & conditions for promotions and competitions

General terms & conditions for promotions and competitions

VMware Benelux, June 1 2017

These general conditions for promotions and competitions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions Competitions’) apply to competitions and other promotional activities organized by VMware Benelux and/or its subsidiaries or its affiliated companies (hereinafter “Provider”). By participating in the Provider&#rsquo;s competitions, the participant agrees to the following Terms and Conditions Competitions. In addition, each competition and/or other promotion also has specific terms and conditions mentioned in the specific competition rules.

• Participants home address should be in Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxembourg.

• Participants up to 16 years old state that they have obtained approval from their parent(s) for participation in the competition.

• Excluded from participation are staff and relatives of the Provider (including its subsidiaries) and cohabiting partners or family of the aforementioned employees. As well as any participants/suppliers in respect of the particular competition (including advertising agencies, advertisers, sponsors or producers).

• The participant is obliged to provide accurate, current and complete information when participating in the competition. The Provider may request a winner, before presenting the award or prize, to provide proof of their identity and residence information previously provided by the participant.

• The decision of The Provider is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding results and the awarding of the prize.

• The prize is personal and is registered in the name of the winner. The prize is not transferable, exchangeable or payable in cash or other products or services. In case of refusal or non acceptance of the prize or conditions that are inherent to the competition, the prize will not be awarded. In that case, the Provider is entitled to choose another winner.

• The prize is awarded in its current state. The Provider is not responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the prize nor for any damage during delivery (shipping) of the prize.

• The handling of the delivery of the prize is arranged by the Provider, advertiser/sponsor or another appointed third party. In this last case, the Provider is not responsible for the delivery of the prize. In that case, the date of delivery of the prize will be determined in consultation with the supplier of the prize.

• The Provider is not responsible for any defects caused by delivery or shipping companies (e.g. delays, strikes, damage or loss) with respect to the delivery of the prize. When the winner, or a roommate, co-inhabitant or neighbor, isn&#rsquo;t able to receive the prize, the winner will pick up the prize later on (e.g. post office, etc.). The Provider shall not be held liable if the prize is not collected or received by the winner or collected by an unauthorized person, even when the delivery or shipping company has not left any notification or notice in any form.

• If the prize consists of tickets for concerts, festivals, films, sports events or similar types of events and/or holidays/flights, there can be no claim on any form of compensation in case of cancellation.

• If the prize includes travel/accommodation abroad for which a passport is required, the participant must be in possession of a valid passport to receive the prize. The prize is not awarded when failing this condition.

• The winner is able to claim the prize up to three months after publication. After this period, entitlement to the prize automatically expires.

• The winner of the prize gives the Provider permission to use, free of charge, any received personal data, any photos or any contributions linked to the competition to be used in promotional activities relating to the competition and in relation to the announcement of the winner through all media, including radio, television and internet.

• To the extent required, the Provider will arrange any withholdings and/or declaration of gambling taxes, except where specific conditions in the competitions state otherwise.

• At the request of the Provider, the winner(s) of the prize will cooperate in promotional activities of the Provider to the extent that can be reasonably expected of them, including publicity regarding the announcements of the winner(s) across all media including radio, television and the Internet. For cooperating with these promotional activities no financial compensation will be paid.

• The participant consents to the processing of personal data in connection with participation in the competition. The Provider may add the personal information to its database, which is confidential and will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

• Personal information may be used to execute the competition and the award ceremony. In this context, the Provider is entitled to provide personal data to third parties involved in the relevant competition (including suppliers, advertisers, sponsors and/or producers). Moreover, the participant gives permission to the Provider to keep him/her informed of the products and/or services of the Provider, its partners (including sponsors, manufacturers and advertisers) and carefully selected companies.

• Use of the awarded prize is at the expense and risk of the winner. The Provider can not be held liable for use of the prize by the winner under the General and/or specific conditions for competitions.

• The Provider is in no way responsible for any damages arising from participation in the competition or for any technical malfunctions, failures or delays with respect to participation in the competition or the appointment of the winner.

• The Provider is in no way responsible for any problems or defects arising from the use of the Website and/or downloading any components whatsoever in relation to the competition.

• The Provider has the right to disqualify participants if he believes that the participants are not acting in conformity with the General and/or specific Terms and Conditions Competitions or if the participant is otherwise fraudulently accessing the competition or unfairly influencing the course of the competition.

• The Provider is entitled to, at its discretion and without notice, change or modify these terms and conditions specific to the competitions for the duration of the contest and without giving a reason to discontinue, modify or adapt the competition for reasons of its own without any obligation to compensate any damages on behalf of the participant. Any changes or adaptations within the competition, will be made public in an appropriate manner (e.g. via its website).

• If one or more conditions of the General and/or specific terms and conditions competitions are void or invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of the General and/or specific Terms and Conditions Competitions.

• When the General and/or specific Terms and Conditions Competitions differ from those determined in the Specific Terms and Conditions Competition, the specific Terms and Conditions Competition prevail.

• The competitions and other promotional activities of the Provider need to adhere to the Gaming Act and the terms and conditions of the Promotional Gambling Code.

• Any questions, complaints or comments about the competitions can be made in writing. Send them in a sufficiently stamped envelope to VMware Benelux, Orteliuslaan 8503528 BB Utrecht, The Netherlands. Please always include the name of the competition. The Provider will answer as soon as possible.

These conditions were last modified on 1 June 2017

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