Can’t replicate VMs because replica server has less virtual cpus

Hi, I have 2 dedicated Windows 2k16 Hyper-V servers. 1 for production, the other only to receive replication through hyper-v replication (standard configuration). Just a note here, I have done multiple configurations like this.

So the replica server is brand new. I have 4 VMs, all Windows 2012 r2. So I have the same problem for all VMs. At the end of the initial replica, always around 95%, I get an error. Looking in the event viewer of the prod hyper-v, it says that at some point,
the replication server refused the connection (event 32552).

Looking at the replica server event viewer, I see that it cannot put the necessary cpu number because too big (hyper-v prod has 16 vcpus, all VMs configured with 16 vcpus, while the replica server has only 8 vcpu). Event 14420 (all in hyper-v-vmmsoperational).
Both server with Intel cpu.

My guess is to configure in each vm the cpu compatibility option but before announcing to the client that I have to stop all VMs to configure this, I wanted an opinion on my solution, or if other solution exist so that I don’t have to turn off the VMs.


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