Cannot reconnect to VM once initial connection is closed

I have a windows 10 enterprise x64 (10.0.15063) hyper-v host and a windows 10 pro x64 (10.0.18362) hyper-v guest. Both run windows defender and no other anti-virus. All has been working
fine until today, I see this behaviour:

 - The guest starts up in the hyper-v console and I can connect using RDP or the built in window from the management console. All is good.

 - I can minimize the session and re-store, all is good.

 - If I close the remote desktop session then the vm is in a strange state. I cannot reconnect to it or shut it down, my only choice is to turn off the VM (!) then restart it and again and only then is it ok again. (I see this exact same behaviour when
connecting directly from the hyper-v console).

The only thing that I am aware of that’s changed is that a windows update ran on the guest (to get me to the version listed above).

Please let me know if this is a known issue or what I can check on the vm that could cause this?

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