Can I rename .mrt and .rct files?

I would like to rename the Virtual Disk file on some of our VMs … we are using Nakivo for backups, so the .rct and .mrt files are present for each .vhd(x) disk file on the VMs that we are backing up.

I know how to rename a .vhd(x) file … by shutting down the VM, physically renaming the file, reassigning the VM’s disk to the new filename, then restarting the VM.

My question is — what do I do about the .mrt and .rct file that accompany the .vhd(x) file?   Do I just manually rename those as well?  Or do I have to delete them somehow before renaming the disk file?  Or is there a utility that takes care
of all this?

I could not find documentation anywhere that talks about this. If there is doc I would appreciate a pointer to it … otherwise if there is a best practice for doing this then please explain 🙂

Thanks.  John

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