Bad PowerShell Command Causes Critial Stop – Hyper-V 2016


I asked this question in the PowerShell forum but was given rather short shrift, so hopefully, someone here can help please . . . 

I just installed Hyper-V 2016 and applied the latest Updates to an HP Server that is certified for 2016.

I started PowerShell and entered an incorrect command in PowerShell - I was trying to get a list of the services status and should have entered "get-service". I made a mistake and entered "services" instead. That is obviously
a mistake, but should it have had critical consequences for the server?

When I entered the command, I got a Critical Stop ("Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart . . . . " The Stop Code was CRITICAL PROCESS DIED.

(This is repeatable)

Is this expected behaviour when entering a bad command in PowerShell (I hope not!). I am reluctant to go ahead and complete configuration of the server now, including installing the VMs. Do I have a critical problem with the server, or is it all
down to "pilot error"? 

Does the (bad) "services" command have any special meaning, or is PowerShell prone to being able to kill a server like this?

To help try and isolate the issue, can someone also point me to guidance on how I can uninstall the Windows updates that I applied for a Hyper-V server with no GUI?



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