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I would like to ask  for your help to solve the problem of Microsoft licensing for VDI stations designed for students of our faculty. We want to invest a lot of money in the project and I would like to be sure that we can open our services to students
legally. Unfortunately, after many requests to Microsoft Partner in Israel - Aztek, we did not get any assurance about what products have to be purchased, so that our system will be legal according to Microsoft licensing rules.

The fact that there may be a problem of licensing appeared to me, after I found the following document in internet It states that
Microsoft licenses Desktop Windows for VDI per access device
The access devices in our faculty are private computers of the students (we have about 1600 students). We want our  students to access  VDI stations also from their homes.
It appears that only  computers which  have a VDA license or that are under SA software assurance agreement can connect
legally to VDI installed with MS WIN10. This condition is fulfilled only by the computers that are on campus, but of course, we can’t purchase VDA for each student private laptop.
I found on the Internet, that the problem can be solved by installing VDI stations with OS = MS WINDOWS SERVER DATACENTER, instead of installing them with MS Windows 10. Presumably the access device licensing for desktop does not apply to the  VDI installed
There are additional CAL licensing requirement for each station and it can be provided  by the purchase of an EXTERNAL CONNECTOR .
Is it right, that the two products will provide us the solution to the Microsoft licensing problem?
(WinSvrDCCore SNGL LicSAPk OLP 16Lic NL Acdmc CoreLic Qlfd and WinSvrExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP NL Acdmc Qlfd)

Are there any other solutions ?

Many thanks,

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