How to properly configure network and MPIO for iSCSI in Hyper-V CSV storage scenario?

Alright, I have read a bunch of best practice guides on setting up storage and networks for a Hyper-V cluster. The issue is, hardly any of them explain
how to accomplish this, step by step.

I have one iSCSI target, with two Hyper-V host iSCSI initiators connecting to it. The iSCSI virtual disk has been set up as a CSV for Hyper-V storage. I understand that I need to have this iSCSI storage communication running on a dedicated network. I also
understand that I should enable/configure MPIO for iSCSI storage communication as well. I only have one physical NIC at this time to configure, and an external virtual switch created in Hyper-V. Currently, I have three networks recognized by my cluster, each
in their own subnet:

- ‘VDI-Switch’ - the name of the external virtual switch used for management communications and virtual machine access. Untagged.

- ‘Cluster’ network for heartbeat, etc. communications using vlan ID 11

- ‘Live Migration’ network using vlan ID 12

How do I make sure that iSCSI has it’s own dedicated storage communications network, and that MPIO is also enabled?

The best practice guides that I have read through are here, here, and here.

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