Hyper -V Replication RODC Virtual Machine


we plan to install RODC as a VM in the branch office and replicate it using hyper v replica in another server , it is a problem or not, if we turn on vm replica rodc, if the main  VM RODC/ host server is down ?


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latency when live migration


I’ve been experiencing latency issues when  Live Migrate a VM from one node to another, I get 2-3 timeouts when  migration process from my VM. this is normal? My NICs 1Gb are direct connect  at 2 node server for only live migration network
with different subnet with another connection (192.168.xx.xx)

Is there any way to improve this?

Thanks for any answers.

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choose live migration or quick migration in certain conditions


i want to ask, what default method live /Quick migration is used by hyper v

 - when one node has failure/or crash by hardware/power lost, and If there is a vm on the host it will be automatically migrate by live migration or quick migration?

- when one node has ben restart by manually, without shutdown the VM is use live/quick migration?

because when im read many article quick migration need more downtime than live migration.

when maintance the host ( installing memory etc), what method can i used? live migration or quick migration?


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