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USB device in HyperV

HI Team,  I have a software package called U8 that uses a USB device as a license key.  Using a 2019 Server Standard Host and a 2016 Windows Standard as the VM, can the VM access the USB device on the physical machine…?

Thanks in advance for advice.

Tom Karpowski…

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Windows 1809 can’t connect to VM in Hypervisor

I setup a new windows 2019 Standard sever with HyperV.  I can create the Windows 2012R2 VM with no problems.  I can Start the VM with no problems.  I can see the VM started in the bottom window.  I can’t connect to the VM to do
the Windows install.  When I double click or right click->Connect, I just get a spinning circle for a few seconds and it disappears.

All of a sudden now I noticed on my windows 10 PC version 1809 using HyperV, I can’t connect to any VMs anymore…?

I just noticed using a different windows server 2018R2 and Hypervisor, I can connect to the newly created VM on the new 2019 server.

Any thoughts on how to connect to a VM using a windows v1809 Hypervisor…?



Tom Karpowski…

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Virtual Switch

HI Team,

I have 2 nics in the server. NIC1 is for the HOST. NIC2 is setup as a virtual switch with management disabled.

Can I use this NIC2 virtual switch for multiple VMs on the server…?

Tom Karpowski…

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