Migrate VM

Hi Experts i have two hyperv nodes in failover cluster manager. i have hardware issue on node1, i have 4 virtual machines residing on hyperv Node1, i want to migrate to Node2. When i right click virtual machines-Properties- i can see the option Preferred
owners. i can see node1 and node2 but none of them is selected. When i migrate them to node2 l i dont want them to failback until i do it since i will be rebooting node1 mulitiple times. please guide me on this

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unable to see the server in failover cluster manager

Hi experts i have two hyperV nodes in failover cluster manager. When i open failover cluster manager i can see on the firstnode i have 5 VMs and on second node i dont have any VMs but when i open HyperV manager i can see 6 virtual machines, experts help
me why is the 6th virtual machine not showing on failover cluster manager, i am new to hyperV so dont have much knowledge.

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