Prevent changes to Hyper-V vSwitch/nics

Is there a way of preventing user from changing or adding settings on Hyper-V vSwitch?
Or perhaps some script or settings of some sort, that can be run on 20+ machines for making changes quicker?

User should be allowed to use the psysical server for lab remotely, with creating VMs etc. But not allowed to change the vSwitch or nic settings, due to modifying settings would terminate the remote connection and the physical machines are located elsewhere.
So that would mean the administrator would need to travel to location and login locally to change the settings back to default.
And no, just telling them not to change vSwitch or nic settings is not working.

Not sure what best practice would be, if it’s possible with some script and policy to prevent, or some script to restore if prevention is not possible.

Any help is much appreciated!


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