Guest receiving same IP as host

I’m having a crazy time getting my Guest to use it’s own IP address. It continues to use my Host IP. I already have two Guests running with their own IP. Maybe it’s how I have my network configured. Suggestions?

I’ve attached some screenshots of my network-related setups.

Host: Win 10 Pro x64 1903
Existing Guests: both are Win 10 x64

New Guest:

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Cannot boot a converted Gen 2 VM

I converted a VMWare Workstation 14 VM to Hyper-V (vhdx). Although I can boot and use it in a Gen 1 Hyper-V VM, I cannot get it to work in a Gen 2 VM.

My understanding is booting to a SCSI disk is not possible via Hyper-V, when although this worked in VMWare. I am then limited to booting a Gen 1 VM using IDE controllers. In a nutshell…is there going to be a performance hit here? Would I recognize any performance
lagging compared to using this same vdisk in a VMWare-based VM?

In research, someone created a Gen 1/Gen 2 conversion script 5-6 years ago…a) will it still work with today’s tech/software, b) is it necessary to do a conversion?

Basic VM characteristics…

2 processors
45GB disk

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